17-18 October 2019, Emperors Palace Convention Centre


  • Explore how the latest telematics technology is changing fleet management
  • Analyse how smart city technologies can help in delivering efficient transport systems
  • Assess the amount of coordination between policymakers and transport stakeholders in formulating strategies that promote industry growth
  • Discuss the responsibilities and obligations of the transport industry towards sustainability
  • Look at how telematics technology has made an impact on auto insurance

Speakers Include

Rashi Gupta
Automotive and Electrification Leader
Eddie Kartun Founder
Intelligent Transport Systems


Bussynet Advanced Trading’s Telematics and Intelligence Mobility Conference is back for another year of deeper and intelligent look that goes beyond the obvious in latest available technologies for commercial vehicles and how they shape the transport industry in Africa.

Research and development into the connected car is gaining traction with each passing day, and with telematics in the middle of it all, this year’s conference will discuss how to progress in the other parts in the world of Internet of Things – 5G technology for instance – will help the connected car, and what this means for logistics organisations, trucking companies and supply chain industry players. To recap, telematics enables remote access to vehicle data over a wireless network and is used for the collection and dissemination of information between vehicle-based electronic systems, for vehicle tracking and positioning, on-line vehicle navigation, information systems and emergency assistance. The interest in fleet managers and interest stakeholders in the commercial vehicle industry is in how they can leverage the latest 5th Generation internet technology to improve connectivity among their vehicles.

Besides connectivity, the issue of climate change and campaigns to reduce carbon emissions has dominated world headlines of late; the idea of green fleets and zero emissions targets has been on the agenda in the transport industry, and the conference will look at how this will affect African companies, and their responsibilities in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in as far as carbon emissions are concerned. It is also the reason why we will discuss smart city and smart mobility solutions; namely, how town and road planning technologies can be made to include the emerging technologies in telematics and transport technologies.

Besides, we will also address developments in the usual topics of vehicle recovery, driver management, vehicle safety, fuel solutions, tracking technology and how it extends to trailers, and also why electronic logging systems being enforced in the first world to replace legacy paper logs is a good thing for driver management. The Telematics and Intelligent Mobility Conference has never failed in delivering value on cutting edge updates in transport and logistics technology, and this time will be no exception.

Target Audience

  • Auto Actuary
  • Automobile associations and federations
  • Automotive electronics officials
  • Business Development Manager
  • Car hire operators
  • CEOs & MDs
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Operating Officer/Operations Managers
  • Transport Safety Directors
  • Chief Strategy Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Claims directors and managers
  • Cross Border Transport Managers
  • Customer Service
  • Distribution Manager
  • Distribution Services Manager
  • Driver Performance
  • Fleet Coordinator
  • Fleet Management Heads
  • Fleet Management Strategists
  • Fleet Managers
  • Fleet Specialists
  • Freight associations and federations
  • Freight division manager
  • Freight forwarding manager
  • Freight manager
  • Freight Transport Directors
  • Freight Transport Managers
  • GPS manufacturers
  • GPS tracking Services
  • Heads of Fleet Management
  • Insurance Managers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • In-Vehicle Cameras
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Managers
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Logistics Managers
  • Logistics Specialist
  • Long-Distance Passenger Transport Managers
  • Maintenance Management
  • Managing Directors
  • Mobile Fleet Tracking
  • Operation Managers
  • Operational Safety Managers
  • Original equipment manufacturers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Specialist
  • Public Transportation Inspector
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Risk Managers
  • Road administration managers
  • Road Safety Executives
  • Route Driver
  • Route Supervisor
  • Routing/Scheduling Clerk
  • Safety and Compliance Supervisor
  • Satellite Tracking
  • Scheduler
  • Short-term insurance officials
  • Small Business Tips
  • Smartphone app engineers
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Solutions Architect
  • Strategy Specialists
  • Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Sustainability Managers
  • Systems Analyst
  • Target Audience
  • Technical Managers
  • Telematics services providers
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Traffic Clerk
  • Traffic Director
  • Traffic Manager
  • Traffic Operator
  • Traffic Supervisor
  • Traffic/Rate Analyst
  • Transport Manager
  • Transport Planner
  • Transportation Analyst
  • Transportation Attendant
  • Transportation Broker
  • Transportation Director
  • Transportation Inspector
  • Transportation Planner
  • Transportation Supervisor
  • Warehouse Manager

Draft Programme

Day 1: 10 October 2019

08:00 Registration and Networking
08:45 Opening Remarks
09:00 Ushering in the new era of intelligence – how Connected Vehicle technology will impact on the fleets of the future

  • Data Mining, integration and Security
  • Infrastructure availability and maintenance
  • Cybersecurity for Connected Cars
  • Connected diagnostics Confirmed Speaker: Rashi Gupta: Automotive and Electrification Leader: Cummins

09:45 Smart Cities technologies tapping into telematics

  • City mapping and traffic optimisation
  • Telematics technology in conjunction with smart roads
  • The contribution of fleet telematics to road safety
  • V2V communication
  • Collision avoidance
  • Road hazard warnings
  • Emergency vehicle alerts
    Invited Speaker: Munya Matyora: Senior Technologist, Transportation: Mariswe

10:30 Mid-morning Break

11:00 Autonomous vehicle technologies

  • How far are we from the self-driving fleet in Africa?
  • Predictive analytics and maintenance
    Invited Speaker: Claycia Johnson: Manager: Digital Marketing and Digital Services: BMW

11:45 Latest trends in vehicle tracking systems

  • Trailer tech (cargo monitoring tech, GPS)
  • Road utilisation analysis
  • Remote vehicle location by GPS
  • Remote access to vehicle operation information
  • The ability to remotely limit vehicle speed
  • Turn-by-turn navigation with augmented 3rd-party information
  • Automated emergency calling
  • Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance notifications
    Invited speaker: Deon du Rand: Chief Technology Officer: Tracker Connect

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Staying ahead of cybercriminals and jammers with telematics

  • Tracking fleet vehicle locations (fleet telematics)
  • Emerging anti-hijack technologies and recovering stolen vehicles
    Invited speaker: Indi Sirinawasa: Vice President; Sub Saharan Africa: Trend Micro

14:15 Improving supply chain efficiency through integrating freight networks

  • Translating Raw Data into Worthwhile Information
  • Big Data on Wheels: automotive telematics to derive new value from merging big data technologies
    Invited Speaker: Rudeon Snell: Leonardo Lead: SAP

15:00 The impact of insurance telematics on insurance companies and subscribers

  • Motor insurance telematics market today and tomorrow
  • Learning driver behaviour through mobile insurance
  • Usage-based insurance
  • Fighting fraud with the use of insurance telematics
  • Experience in the employment of insurance telematics for fleets
    Invited speaker: Werner Bosman: CEO; Short Term Insurance: PPS

15:45    Closing Remarks: End of Day 1

Day 2: 11 October 2019

08:20 Replacing paper logbooks with electronic logging devices and putting measures in place that rule out tampering.

  • ELDs will deal with time on service, driver fatigue,
  • A comparative look at the new electronic logging system and advantage of the legacy paper system
  • Making the electronic logging system foolproof
    Confirmed speaker: Eddie Kartun: Founder: Intelligent Transport Systems SA

08:30 Future Trends – what is in store for commercial vehicle telematics and intelligent mobility?

  • Remote diagnostics
  • 5G technology and its impact on telematics
  • The fate of blockchain technologies in the transport industry
  • Open telematics and opportunities for app developers
  • Intelligent mobility in emerging markets
    Invited speaker: Mervyn Byleveldt: Sales Engineer Cradlepoint South Africa

09:15 Incorporating the driver in telematics technology in fleets

  • Improving safety culture through technology
  • Advanced Safety Training
  • Creating programmes and compensation incentives to reward good driver behaviour
    Invited speaker: Paul Olckers: CEO: Fifth Dimension Technologies

10:00 Mid-morning Break

10:30 The quest for sustainability with telematics technology; incorporating energy and fuel utilities to add sustainable charging stations on their precincts

  • Reducing truck carbon emissions
  • How can road freight telematics be implemented in sustainable trade, transport and energy sector, linking with Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Technologies for cleaner fuel and better fuel-saving tech
  • Compliance with carbon laws and regulations
    Invited speaker: Shuaib Fareed: Head of Strategy and Projects: BP Masana Petroleum Solutions

11:15 Intelligent mobility and the future of fleet management technology

  • Increasing demand for network access from vehicles
  • Newly rising demand for cyber-physical applications in ITS (e.g. Computer Aided driving, safety systems)
  • Compliance with environmental and other regulations
  • Cloud-based solutions and their applications
    Invited speaker: Shadab Rahil: Managing Director: Paradigm Group

12:00 Stakeholder engagement; bringing in policymakers and telematics industry players to cooperate on emerging new ways of improving transport and supply chain logistics on the road

  • Policy measures to encourage the use of technology on the road to reduce accidents and identify perpetrators
  • Investing in transport and telematics technologies
  • The feasibility of mandatory telematics regulations
    Invited speaker: Justin Manson: Sales Director: TomTom Telematics

12:45 Lunch

13:45 Telematics solutions in the public transport industry

  • Fuel consumption reduction and emission technologies
  • The passenger vehicle manufacturer’s vision on Mobility
  • eCommerce Platforms and opportunities
  • public transportation as the biggest beneficiaries of smart city and intelligent mobility systems
  • Locate their vehicles to determine on-time arrivals along predetermined routes and at scheduled
  • Locate vehicles within a yard to facilitate servicing and licensing
  • Monitor vehicles’ trip durations as well as drivers’ working
    Invited Speaker: Henry Smith: Sales Director: Mix Telematics

14:30 Smart management solutions for today’s fleet manager

  • Fuel consumption tracking
  • Improved operation efficiency
  • Asset tracking
  • Compliance verification
  • Route optimization
  • Improve fleet safety
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Automatic trip logging
  • Vehicle maintenance issues alerts
  • Risky driver identification
    Invited Speaker: Resolve SP

15:15 Closing Remarks: End of Proceedings