Ten people were injured this morning after two trucks collided on the N1 in Worcester in the Western Cape.

ER24 paramedics, along with Metro services, arrived on the scene at 07h25 and found one of the trucks far off to the side of the road while the second truck lay in the middle of the slow lane.

On closer inspection, paramedics discovered that one man and one woman lay trapped inside the truck on the side of the road.

Metro services used the jaws-of-life equipment in a 40-minute operation to free both patients.

Once freed, paramedics found that a total of ten people had been injured in the collision, their injuries ranging from minor to serious.

Paramedics treated the patients and provided the seriously injured patients with advanced life support interventions.

Once treated, the patients were transported to Worcester Provincial Hospital for further medical attention.

The cause of the collision is not yet known and is subject to the investigation of local authorities.

Russel Meiring
ER24 Spokesperson