The Arrive Alive website received the following report from a member of the public.

Report: I would like to report trucks loading and offloading in our area. The trucks is not licensed and the drivers has no licence. The trucks number plate is CY289-351. And then there is more operating in the Epping industry.


Please find the feedback for your complaint as submitted below.

The truck in question CY 289 351 is licensed and the driver has a valid Driver’s Licence. The trucks licence expires on 31 -12-2016. The truck is owned by “..XYZ….” who operate out of Parow.

We conducted truck enforcement in the area as requested and recorded the following statistics.

5 x Warrant Arrests

20 x Warrants served.

10 x Unlicensed trucks

14 x Unlicensed Drivers.

3 x Professional Driving Permits

7 x Safety belts

2 x Speaking on Cellphones

3 x Disobey no Overtaking lines.

2 x Operators cards

2 x Roadworthy Certificates

5 x Trucks suspended

2 x Number plates

2 x Number plate suspensions

1 x Operating under suspension

Kind Regards

Kevin Jacobs


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Cape Town Traffic Services

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