Police in Delmas arrested a 37-year-old man yesterday, 24 January 2022 for truck hijacking.

According to the information, the truck was headed to Delmas from Ermelo when the driver stopped and offered a lift to three hitchhikers (two males and a female). He dropped the female off at Delmas Mall and continued on his journey with the other two.

One of the passengers then urged the driver to stop on the side of the road. Upon stopping, the passenger seated behind him strangled him while the other tied him with shoelaces and they both carried and placed on the bed truck’s bed, covered him with a blanket, and drove off.

Moments later police stopped the truck and instructed the passengers to get off. The occupant on the passenger’s seat jumped out and ran off. The other occupant then untied the driver and they were both instructed to lie on the floor. Police then swiftly arrested the suspect after establishing he had hijacked the truck, while the driver did not sustain any injuries.

The suspect is expected to appear in court soon.

The Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Semakaleng Manamela has applauded for their vigilance which led to the swift arrest.