We should all be able to identify the high risks (overweight, chain smoker, diabetic, high/low blood pressure, cholesterol, unhealthy eating habits) and understand the dangers that could present while driving.

Understand or know the symptoms when they present that could have a negative impact on safe driving behaviour (uncomfortable chest, arm, neck, shoulder pain).

Understand the triggers that could result in uncontrolled medical conditions presenting themselves (Road rage, frustration, anger, fatigue, low blood sugar).

What to do if a serious medical condition presents while driving a heavy-duty vehicle

  • Ease off the accelerator and start braking
  • Try and stop the vehicle in a safe place as fast as practical ( if not safe to do so, stop in the dedicated lane)
  • Engage handbrake
  • Place gears in neutral
  • Engage hazards
  • Attract attention for help
  • Try keeping calm as far as possible
  • Don’t try and climb out of the vehicle, stay in the cab
  • If possible phone for help or assistance

Sean Gray


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