Plans are well underway for the final of the Fleet Safety Awards with only nine days to go before the Best Fleet Manager and the Best Company are revealed. This week, the results were received from the nine judges who work extensively and have an established background in road safety.

The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says both categories were very strongly contested with many worthy contenders competing for the top spots. “We do not envy the role of the judges in scoring the entries. Throughout all entries, there was a strong understanding of the importance of road safety and the role of the organisation or the fleet manager in ensuring it receives the utmost attention. It was clear that road safety strategies within companies are taken very seriously and properly implemented to ensure South African organisations play their part in reducing the high fatality rate.

“As this is MasterDrive’s inaugural event, all were blown away by the quality of answers provided by the majority of entrants. In many ways it proved how important such an initiative is and the potential it has to grow and encourage improved road safety in coming years. We are sure those who received top scores are more than deserving of this honour and we look forward to announcing the winners in each category next week.”

MasterDrive and their partners in the Fleet Safety Awards would like to thank the following judges for their efforts. It was no easy task and we thank each of you for the dedication and thoroughness with which you completed your role.

Jeanne Esterhuizen, President of the Retail Motor Industry Foundation
Derek Kirkby, Training Director at MasterDrive
Lucky Molaudzi, General Manager of the Road Safety Partnership South Africa
Stephen Moran, Director of the SHEQ Region Africa at Afrox Linde
Thabiso Ndebele, Executive Manager of Road Safety at the RTMC
Thandeka Ngoma, Consumer Sales Director at Bridgestone
Pamela Ramagaga, General Manager of Insurance Risks at the South African Insurance Association
Dr Lee Randall, Director at the Road Ethics Project
Clare Vale, Director at The Truck Man

We appreciate the difficulty of the task each judge performed last week and how each took on this role enthusiastically, giving it the gravity that road safety deserves in South Africa. “In order to ensure objectivity and unbiased opinions each judge was not aware of the name or the company they were scoring. Yet, all tackled this roll without complaint or hesitation. Everyone involved in the Fleet Safety Awards would like to express their sincere gratitude.”

Next Friday, the winner of Best Fleet Manager and Best Company will be announced at a hybrid event. “Should you wish to be part of South Africa’s inaugural Fleet Safety Awards, ensure you register to attend the virtual event. Until then, show your support for those companies you know entered in the hopes to either win the R10 000 cash prize or to establish their company as a leader in road safety,” says Herbert.