As a training provider within the transport industry, our commitment to reducing driver risk extends to a number of areas- with driver wellness being one of them.

Driver training seeks to change driver behaviour in more ways than one. Although this is achieved in various disciplines across the board, too often we see drivers falling out of the driver pool due to ill health and debilitating diseases. Our driver health and wellness programs teach drivers how to manage the illness that they are exposed to such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure/Hypertension, and HIV/Aids. We see Your Truck Your Gym as a wonderful program to instill healthy habits in the drivers while on the road and firmly believe that this culture will spill over into other aspects of their driving behaviour.

The benefits of fitter and healthier drivers is that they are able to contribute to the trucking industry for a longer period of time. Healthier workers, in general, are more motivated and perform better.

The implementation of this programme will allow drivers to take ownership of their own health and wellness. Eating healthier and exercising regularly, in general, has a knock-on effect, which will impact positively on:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Stress
  • Levels of concentration

It is important to remember; Small lifestyle changes have a big impact on the ability to function efficiently and to see the benefits that a healthy lifestyle can have on their driving ability.

Sean Gray

NOSA Logistics Operations Director