I am writing to inquire if you have location data or the amount of Truck Stops currently in South Africa? We would incorporate your data, update our digital maps accordingly, and release our commercial products to our customers, including web fleet customers using this data to route their drivers to the correct locations and in this case to stops where the necessary facilities are available.

Truck Stops are regarded as an important category due to the safety aspects involved with drivers spending so much time on the roads.  If location data is not available, I will appreciate if you could just give us the amount of Truck Stops currently in South Africa.  It will give us an idea of how many we still need to enter in our data in order to fill the gap.


Most large oil companies have details on their truck stop facilities (which are generally linked to national routes and part of the larger facility offered to all classes of vehicles).

Dedicated truck stops (where freight vehicles overnight, are offered varied levels of mechanical or other technical assistance) are mostly private concerns (businesses).

Details of these: