Please inform me of the law regarding covers.

There is a truck in my area transporting woodchips without any covers. Every time we drive behind it or pass it in the opposite direction we get covered in woodchip.

Is there any law regarding covers in this case?


The legislation does not make specific reference to “covering a load” but does refer to the load being prevented from “dislodging or spilling” –

Regulation 246: Manner in which goods to be carried


No person shall operate on a public road a motor vehicle carrying any goods –

(c) which are not –

(i) safely contained within the body of such vehicle; or

(ii) securely fastened to such vehicle,

and which are not properly protected from being dislodged or spilled from such vehicle;

This would thereby require that the operator (transporter) must ensure that the woodchips did not “spill” whilst travelling, which could be prevented by the use of a cover (tarpaulin / net) or by being transported in a closed load area (eg container/box, etc)


Gavin Kelly

Chief Executive Officer