Question: I have a new scooter (SYM, Xpro 125) I rent it out for Mr D and Take A Lot. I want to make the bike as VISIBLE and SAFE as far as possible. Small “LED modules” or “LED stip” seems illegal. Even if I keep it to Yellow or Orange. This bike does not have a Park light. How can I make his headlight, Indicators and Tail End more visible? I had 3x LED Modules lighting the bike. But apparently, it’s not allowed to tap from the headlight. The modules are visible but not blinding at all. It is less than 1A per module. I plan to space 3… to cover the grill area. Also want to light up the driver, because they are not allowed to have their Owen Reflective coughing or bibs. I try to educate them about safety and driving skills… but OPEN to any Guidance.


The National Road Traffic Act is very strict on lamps and reflective material. You may only fit the lamps and reflective material allowed by the legislation.

Regulation 185 prohibits any lamps that are not allowed in terms of the legislation. Many regulations are prescribing the various lamps to be used. You can check regulations 157 to 185 and for reflective material regulations 185 to 192A.

The strip lights you are referring to are not allowed.



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