The vigilance of a security guard has foiled a truck jacking which could potentially attributed to the commission of a serious and violent crime in the Province.

This follows a truck jacking by a group of five suspects in Evelyn Dr Bruin Street in Mandela Park, Harare. Preliminary investigation suggests that a truck was busy delivering goods at the said address at about 10:30 on Friday, 22 December 2023 when the five armed men approached the truck and threatened the occupants where after the suspects drove off with the truck loaded with cargo.

A security guard in close proximity, witnessed the ordeal and intervened. Shots were fired and the one of the suspects who was the driver of the hijacked truck was struck by a bullet. The truck came to a halt where after the rest of the suspects fled the scene. The deceased who was found in possession of a prohibited firearm, was declared deceased by paramedics who attended to the scene.

Police members seized a 9mm prohibited firearm and ammunition that were found on the deceased.

As a result, Harare SAPS opened an inquest docket into the dearth of the suspect and a truck jacking-case with additional charge of possession of a prohibited firearm and ammunition.

The investigation continues.

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