Commitment and the vigilance from members attached to the Provincial Flying Squad in collaboration with the K9 based in Maitland led to the recovery of hijacked cargo to the estimated value of more than R2 million. Their rapid response furthermore ensured the arrests of two suspects in connection with the recovery of the hijacked goods.

Yesterday afternoon, Monday, 19 February 2024 at about 15:30 members of the provincial Flying Squad and K-9 were dispatched to Manenberg after an alert from a tracking company after the activation of an alleged hijacking of a delivery truck. The signal of the truck took the embers to Bofors Circle in Epping where the members discovered the cab of the truck that was totally destroyed by fire.

Further tracing of the signal led the members to a business premises situated in 16th Avenue, Elsies River where they discovered the trailer with entire cargo of various brands of liquor with an estimated value of R1.8 million still intact. Expanded investigation on site led to the discovery of another trailer filled with boxes of spices and sauces with an estimated value of half a million rand. (500 0000.00). Further investigation linked this discovery to a hijack which was perpetrated a week ago in the same proximity.

A 36-year-old manager on the premises was arrested in connection with the discovery. Further investigation by our provincial detectives ensured he arrests of one of the two occupants (the passenger) of the liquor delivery truck which was recovered and seized as an exhibit.

Both suspects face charges related to the possession of suspected stolen property and is scheduled to appear in the Wynberg Magistrates’ court once charged. The possibility of more arrests as investigation unfolds, is not excluded.

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