A concerned road user share photos with the Arrive Alive website after capturing some extremely reckless incidents of unsafe overtaking in the Longtom Pass on camera.

We decided to send these images to some of the experts in heavy vehicle driver training for their insights:

What can be seen in these pics

By the shape of this trailer, it would appear to be a Coca-Cola or Beer delivery on its way.

The very circumstances surrounding this move would suggest this is a rooky driver. Seasoned drivers will think twice.

This an everyday occurrence, I will say to drivers “tatta ma chance…ai tatta ma millions, tatta ma die”.

Behind every accident is a driver that makes a mistake. It begins with what he thinks……”I can make it or I can’t make it….ai suga whena…let’s go”.

The very core of Defensive Driver Training will advise drivers not to take a chance (arrive alive).

The challenges for truck drivers in overtaking

Defensive Drivers will always consider the outcome of such a move, the possibility of losing the very 3 assets that he is responsible for. These are:

  1. Life – your own and the lives of other road users
  2. The truck and trailer
  3. The cargo that you are carrying

Truck drivers know that there is always a possibility, especially on a downhill, you could get stuck behind slow moving traffic.

Defensive Driving protocol (mutual respect) will tell you not to create/compound an already hazardous situation.

Local Traffic Agencies, whose job it is to make the road safe for all users, would hopefully have made a feast should this driver have been caught!

Special caution required when driving trucks in the mountains and mountain passes

  • Increase your vigilance/preparedness or caution to act or react quickly.
  • Reduce speed.
  • Safe following distance.
  • Watch what other road users are doing and don’t let their mistake become a problem for you.
  • Be extremely patient, especially considering other road users that might not have the necessary experience or knowledge on safe driving.
[Comments courtesy of Kobus Hanekom, KSM Driver Training]


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