I am very happy to let you know that Stanley (Stan) Bezuidenhout from IBF Investigations has launched a Udemy Course: Crash Investigation according to the IBF Profile.

As COVID-19 came around and disrupted our lives and interfered with our ability to work or even robbed us of employment in many instances, we are all seeking opportunities to grow, learn and explore new career paths or to enhance our skills. Online training has become “the new normal,” as social distancing applies and as in-person training is on hold in many countries.

In special consideration for the challenges we face, Stan has provided a Coupon Code that allows you to benefit from special pricing.

By entering the Coupon Code COVID19, you will only be paying $49 for a course that will normally be $199.95

All of the best with your studies, if you commit, and please stay safe and healthy.

For more Info:

Forensic Crash Investigation according to the IBF Protocol