Truck drivers have been cautioned by the KZN Department of Transport about the perils of driver tiredness. Earlier this week the Arrive Alive website published a very informative animation on Driver Tiredness, Fatigue and Road Safety!

This animation was developed after a horrific crash by a truck driver in 2017:

To quote from Wheels24

“Arrive Alive’s Johan Jonck said: “It was just a year ago that the Arrive Alive website was approached by the company Franki which tragically lost 18 workers in a road crash in Machadodorp when a fatigued truck driver ploughed into the mini-bus transporting its workers.

“Franki met with Arrive Alive and expressed the need for an increased focus in awareness about the perils of driver tiredness and fatigue.

“It was decided to address this on numerous fronts, including the need to look at regulating driving hours for truck drivers. One of the ways to create increased awareness was to use animation to highlight these dangers and how to prevent tired drivers posing a risk to other road users.

“This animation is one of the steps used towards these efforts and we would like to dedicate this to the workers and their families who sadly fell victim to a road crash caused by driver fatigue. May we learn from this and share with our fellow workers and road users.”

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