Early this morning IPSS Medical Rescue and IPSS S&R responded to a truck collision on the N2 Zinkwazi.
Medics arrived to chaotic scene, with multiple fatalities and injuries, and with some looting taking place of one of the trucks.

Reports from scene are that a smaller truck was initially rear ended by another truck. The smaller truck went down an embankment, while the second truck veered into oncoming traffic resulting in a head on collision with a third truck.
The driver and front passengers of the smaller truck were lucky to escape with minor injuries. Sadly the two passengers on the back of the truck sustained fatal injuries and were declared on scene.

The driver of one of the larger trucks sustained moderate injuries, and was transported to hospital by IPSS Medical Rescue.

The driver and passengers of the other truck all sustained critical injuries, and were entrapped. KDM Fire Department and Rural Metro Fire worked to extricate the patients, all while some looting of one of the trucks took place.

The three patients were successfully extricated and their care handed over the waiting medical crews, two patients were transported under the care of IPSS Medical Advanced Life Support to a suitable facility. Due to the traumatic injuries of the driver, the decision was made to airlift the patient to a suitable facility.

The N2 was completely closed, with traffic being diverted over the Zinkwazi bridge. We expect the N2 to be obstructed for some time while investigations and recovery take place.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased.