Keeping your dump truck in good working order is vital to the success of its operation. You will need to be sure that your dump truck is clean both inside and out, as well as ensuring that all of the moving parts are lubricated and not damaged.

Your Terex dump truck will need regular maintenance, which will ensure that it runs smoothly every time you use it. Below are some top tips on how to maintain your dump truck and keep it in the best condition possible.

Start with the body

You should start by inspecting the body of your dump truck weekly, if not daily. This includes checking that there are no hydraulics leaks, broken transportation and safety lights and cracks in the structure of the truck’s body.

The tyre pressure should be checked daily, especially if you are going to be hauling heavy loads, and you will need to remove all the dust buildup from the hydraulic lines. By doing a regular inspection of your dump truck, you will eliminate any damages or repairs. Be sure to keep a checklist with you so that you do not miss anything, and ask a colleague to perform the check with you, as they might spot something you have missed.

Move on to underneath the hood

A dump truck will undoubtedly be larger than other trucks, but this does not mean that you should be wary of fixing it. If you have knowledge of vehicle engines, you can fix small problems on your own, but for any serious problems you will need to call in a professional.

You should strive to keep your engine clean and free of grease and excess oil. This is because the grease can cause certain components to clog, which can have a disastrous effect on the operation of the truck. Be sure to change the oil on a regular basis, and make note of any strange noises that you might hear when operating it. You should never attempt to fix any problems on your own if you do not have mechanical aptitude, rather ask a professional to find a solution.

Don’t forget the bed

The bed of a Volvo dump truck is one of the most vital components. You will need to be sure that it is clean and that it is lined. Lining your truck bed helps with ensuring that the load will flow out evenly while it is being distributed.

You will also need to check that the bed lift cylinder is lubricated and is not bent, as well as ensuring that the tailgate is not rusted or stuck. If the tailgate is rusted or if it sticks and does not open easily, this will make it difficult for the load to be emptied out of the bed. Be sure to treat any rust spots before they become too large, as these could form holes that the load material could fall out of. Wash the bed regularly to keep it in optimal condition.

Keep operating manuals close at hand

Having the operating manual of your Terex dump truck close at hand will help you in case of any situation. You will be able to find out what the problem could be by turning to the right page or by contacting the manufacturer listed in the book.

The manual will show you how to perform any maintenance, as well as how to perform any and all replacements of parts that might occur. You will need to follow these guides carefully, as you might void your warranty if you fail to do so. Speak to your colleagues and show them where you keep the manual, so that if you are unable to work for a day, someone is still able to operate the dump truck to move materials to where they need to be.

Keep it clean, inside and out

One of the best ways to ensure that your dump truck is in optimal condition is to keep it clean. This means cleaning the exterior thoroughly, as well as making sure the interior is free of debris, such as food wrappings and other rubbish.

You can use a pressure washer to clean the exterior, but be sure that the pressure is not too strong as to potentially break the windshield or lights. Once you have sprayed the truck and it has dried, you can use a rust treatment on any spots or a wax to ensure that the body stays weatherproof. Vacuum your interior and be sure to throw away all debris before and after you operate it.

Final thoughts

Maintaining your Terex dump truck is vital to the success of any construction job. You should start by inspecting the exterior for any leaks or dents, then move on to the engine to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. You will need to be sure that the truck bed is clean and lined, as well as ensure that all moving parts are lubricated and not sticking during use.