As more company drivers return to the roads in the coming weeks the pressure is on to operate under a new set of regulations and a number of other challenges such as shorter working hours, smaller workforces or greater demand to catch up on lost time. This also creates a working environment full of additional difficulties on the roads. MasterDrive’s Toolbox Talks can assist with this. 

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the team has created a number of Toolbox Talks that fleet operators can use to upskill drivers to better manage challenges on the roads. “The Toolbox Talks are theoretical components that refresh driver’s skills or can be used as basic guides and reminders on issues such as correct and safe lane changes and essential vehicle inspections. They are educational aids highlighting important issues or addressing skills that drivers often forget.

“There are also a number of Toolbox Talks that drivers can use to help manage challenges on the roads that are likely to follow lockdown. As crime is expected to increase in the coming months a fleet driver may be in need of additional content on hijack risk. There is also likely greater stress in their work and home lives and consequently drivers may be prone to more aggressive driving. The Toolbox Talks provide additional information that drivers can use to best handle these difficult scenarios.”

The Toolbox Talks are not meant to replace the advanced roadcraft training that fleet drivers require. “If, however, our trainers identify an issue that a driver needs some assistance with, a complimentary Toolbox Talk will be provided to assist with this until training can be undertaken to correct the issue.”

Some other issues that the talks cover include:

  • Night driving safety
  • Poor weather driving
  • Safe reversing
  • Driving while distracted
  • Driver fatigue
  • Following distances

Every company is going to face some kind of challenge as they return to work. “Whether you face an upsurge in work opportunities or a decrease in business, bite size theoretical education can help you through some of the challenges you face on the road at the moment,” says Herbert.