Opel returns to the commercial vehicle segment with an Exceptionally Versatile Business Partner!

Why choose the Opel Combo Cargo Van to be your business partner?

Let’s talk about Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A Fleet Manager’s purchase decision is based on the value of a vehicle, beyond just the retail price. Return on Investment (ROI) is key with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) being the ultimate solution sought. The Award-winning* Opel Combo fully meets both these requirements.


Consider the bottom line: The state-of-the-art 1.6 turbo diesel engine is more efficient and fuel combustion is 15 to 20% less with a combined fuel consumption of 5 L/100 km. Valuable features to consider when running your fleet, are the overall lower running costs and CO2 emissions produced, plus a higher resale value. Low-speed torque allows for better and more efficient overtaking, towing and gear choice offered by the car-derived running gear. A natural economical and environmentally friendly choice for your business while affording the driver enough pulling power to keep up in the traffic, considering 230 Nm of Torque and 68 kW of Power are readily available.


Available in Standard and LWB configurations: Measuring 4403 mm and 4753 mm respectively, with generous width of 1848 mm, this versatile van delivers a superior payload of up to one tonne and a towing capacity of up to 1250 kg with a braked trailer, making it the perfect fit for the South African Market.

Safety, comfort & security is a priority for all: The Combo van not only keeps the driver and passenger road-safe and comfortable with Airbags, 3-Point Seatbelts, Hill-Start Assist, ABS, EBD and ESP + Air-Conditioning, Radio/Bluetooth®/USB/MP3 Input and 4 Speakers, but just as important, offers maximum protection for your valuable cargo and equipment by keeping it out of sight in the alarm-equipped, enclosed shell that is an integral part of the vehicle’s body due to blacked-out windows, remote-controlled central locking, rear interior electronic door lock and an anti-theft immobiliser


Need a mobile work space?: The fully enclosed square-shaped body and rear cargo area become your mobile, secure and weatherproof working space for drivers or operators on-site … anywhere!

Business advertising a given:The boxy exterior shape additionally offers substantial potential for branding and advertising on the exterior. With most companies or fleets having vehicles on the road throughout the day, vehicle branding of a single COMBO can be seen by upwards of 70 000 pairs of eyes per day in busier metro areas. Your ‘moving billboard’ for product awareness!


Convenience, time and effort efficient: The OPEL COMBO offers up to a massive 4.4 maximum cubic metres of load space with a flat floor and no intrusion from the wheel arches. The van’s lower load floor height allows for efficient and easier maneuvering of goods and equipment, both in and out of the sliding side and dual-opening back doors, and the squarer body shape means there’s ample space inside to load up to 600 kg and 1 000 kg of cargo in both the Standard and LWB option.


Make the load space work for you: The protected steel box created by the OPEL COMBO’s body shape allows for endless and simple ‘up-fitment’ opportunities such as shelving, storage bins, tool boxes, refrigeration, compressor and Air Line Fitment. Secure your goods with the floor tie-down loops to eliminate cargo movement and reduce inner-body damage – no compromise!


With 35 Opel Dealerships Nationwide, your fleet will realise minimum downtime.

Warranty & Roadside Assistance – 3 Years / 120 000 km
Service Plan – 3 Years / 60 000 km
Anti-Corrosion Warranty – 12 Years / Unlimited km
Service Intervals – 12 Months /15 000 km
So advanced is the OPEL COMBO compared to its nearest rivals, that it has already scooped up the coveted title of International Van of the Year!*

The all-new OPEL COMBO has reached our shores – initially in limited numbers because of international demand for this award-winning business friend.

In Dealership pricing:
Standard configuration – R311 700.
LWB configuration – R350 400.

Contact your nearest Opel Dealer for a full understanding on Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment – It’s never too late to give your business the kick-start it needs.

The new OPEL COMBO was designed as part of a cross-business programme in which services were systematically tailored as closely as possible to the needs of B2B customers around the globe in terms of convenience, Driving Assistance Systems and safety.

The Opel Combo Cargo Van continues Opel’s legacy of superior performance, exceptional fuel economy, with a conquering spirit and style second to none.

OPEL – The Future is Everyone’s

*The ‘International Van of the Year’ Award was launched in 1992. The jury brings together 25 journalists and publishers from independent magazines specialising in light commercial vehicles.