Established in 1999, NetFlorist now manages a fleet of over 65 delivery vehicles nationwide. The South African florist and flower delivery site distribute flowers, hampers and gifts to consumers’ doorsteps daily. The growing demand of consumer same-day and next-day delivery has seen the company expand its national network, upgrade its technology and introduce its own internal Android app for the fleet of drivers. The driver app has been carefully designed to help improve operations, driver lead time and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

One of the e-commerce company’s growth strategies includes managing the fleet more effectively and efficiently. It is therefore, imperative to exploit improved driver programs and disruptive technology that is revolutionising industries at large. Implementing transformative workplace solutions has and will also continue to have a great impact in the way business is conducted.

The decision to launch the NetFlorist Go App in support of the fleets daily operational activities was inevitable as the company now has a national network of 5 hubs where vehicles are parked and a total of 70 drivers employed on a permanent and temporary basis. It’s a wonder that NetFlorist is considered an e-commerce gifting site and not a logistics company with this kind of footprint. The mobile app pinpoints each gifts delivery location and plots them strategically and efficiently into a load of 10 deliveries per driver. Drivers can then manage each order assigned to them according to customers delivery times and receive recipients’ signatures for each gift on a mobile device which then sends the information back to the system in real time to trigger corresponding information to the sender of the gift

“The competitive nature of the transportation and logistics industry has our team working tirelessly in maintaining our technical competency. The company has gained access to insights derived from data analytics, automations and the internet through the integration of fleet management and new technology. We also continue upgrading our software and resolve network problems timeously because we are confronted with immense changes that need forward thinking.
In the first month of using the NetFlorist Go App, we saved up to 20% on fuel costs. I can’t wait to see the extra thread we’ll save on tyres in the years to come” – said Kyle van Aswegen, NetFlorist Fleet Manager.

NetFlorist is faced with challenges to evolve and restructure the business model to deliver gifts in a sector that is under critical and growing pressure to deliver better services. It is critical that companies maximise usage of intelligent technology as well as making sure that operations are cost-efficient.

“We are really excited to have our new driver app live and running. In order to deliver all our flowers and gifts on time via our 5 warehouses around the country, it’s crucial that our drivers have the right tools at their fingertips. Our new apps give them the latest technology in route tracking and optimisation, making their jobs easier which in turns means better on time delivery and customer service. There are many off the shelf options but we have fantastic in-house development skills that did a great job in delivering a world-class delivery app.” – said Ryan Bacher, NetFlorist Managing Director.

NetFlorist has through the years revolutionised the industry, remaining the leading online florist and flower delivery site in South Africa. The understanding that fleet management solutions still thrive on rules and regulations, vehicle maintenance, cost-efficient methods, customisation, adoption of appropriate practices, vehicle visibility, vehicle and driver monitoring systems, advanced driver training as well as managing daily operational queries has contributed to the company’s growth.

“While we make sure our customers are happy, we also need to have access to information for a conducive work experience, making sure that we all work as a unit even when we work remotely.” – Said Icke, One of the first NetFlorist Drivers.

As the transportation and logistics sector evolves, delivery companies also need to forge their way into the future and gain competitive advantage. Innovators understand the importance of evolving in the developing environment now widely known as the fourth industrial revolution. The effects of the revolution are felt by businesses across industries and in turn technology is making up part of the monumental changes faced by online-based delivery companies.