On 3 August 2022 at 17:00, a multi-disciplinary operation was conducted at Mariannhill and Shallcross where the team was following up information about people who were stealing copper cables and damaging essential infrastructure. The team proceeded to the railway lines between Mariannhill and Shallcross where two tons of copper cables valued at R1.2 million were recovered. The copper cables were identified by Transnet and Prasa as their property.

Police searched the terrain for several kilometres before they reached Ekuphumuleni Location where they spotted a house where it was reported that the copper cables were stored. They found two 34-year-old women inside the house and conducted a search. Following a search of the house police discovered copper cables worth R500 000. Both women were arrested for possession of stolen property.

The team proceeded to another house in the same location where they found the 47-year-old man. The police conducted a search inside and outside his house and they recovered copper cables valued at R700 000 at his house. The man was placed under arrest.

The trio appeared before the Pinetown Magistrates Court on 4 August 2022 for possession of stolen property pending the next court date.