Assistance has been requested in the search for a vehicle transporting emergency relief for flood victims/ families in the Western Cape:

We have a massive problem and would like this message to spread on every trucker’s broadcast as possible.
On the 19th of June, we loaded 2 Superlink
1 x Freightliner
1 x Volvo

The goods were HAMPERS destined for Capetown Western Cape for 2200 Needy Families.

It was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday but after they left they switched all cell numbers off including the controllers/owners.

Vehicle reg :


We have all the Company details as well as the registrations we would highly appreciate if this message would reach all over South Africa as these were for the Needy 2200 families. If anyone has any information, please
073 900 7866 whatsapp
069 527 4623 cell