We are very pleased to announce that Stan Bezuidenhout from IBF Investigations will be presenting yet another exciting internationally inspired 3-Day course in Johannesburg, South Africa, in February 2020.

With awareness on the rise and companies, organizations and individuals now facing more risk than ever before, we have developed a 3-day Commercial Risk Mitigation course that cover the “big three” of Transport operations: Risk Management, Risk Control and Loss Investigation. This 3-day training series is designed specifically with Operational Executives, Risk Managers, Depot Managers, Site Managers, Fleet Managers and Fleet Controllers in mind.

With a rise in Active Shooter attacks, complex geopolitical and extremist narratives, regional protest action, industry-specific mass action and physical violence and crime on the rise, globally, this is a learning experience you most definitely do not want to miss!


Due to the sensitive nature of the topics that will be covered, the exclusivity of this course and the limited time to focus on proper interaction, only limited are available. Act early to avoid disappointment and to

Previous courses have reached limited-seat numbers in a matter of days, so be sure to plan ahead not to lose out on this wonderful learning opportunity. Make sure you exploit this early invitation, extended this early only to our closest risk Mitigation Partners, Existing Clients, Alumni of our prior courses and long-term industry colleagues. Once this goes public in 2020, seats will be filled rapidly!

Packed with information, advice, and resources you can use to anticipate, detect, react to and understand your risk profile, this course will put you in the driver seat! For the first time ever, this course will be as much about teaching you as it will be about empowering you to share your new-found knowledge! Over the three days, you will receive course notes, presentation material, work sheets and video examples that you can use to perform a risk analysis, to develop risk response strategies or to investigate a variety of incidents, if and where risks are realized!

Relying on his personal experience in policing, protest action enforcement operations, high-risk warrant executions, international best practices, tactical risk analysis, and his vast court experience, Stan Bezuidenhout is an internationally recognized trainer who consistently receives rave reviews after every course presented, all over the world.

This course promises to cover a very unique bouquet of topics, will be presented in a practical manner, with Transport Risk under direct consideration. Because this is a one-time opportunity not to be repeated in the near future, you cannot miss it!

Each attendee will now also get three attendance certificates, to ensure that the value of these very unique skills is not diluted into obscurity under a single heading.

To maximize the value you receive, and towards the betterment of your employability and personal brand, the following topics will be covered, and certificates will be issued for each:

The course will be presented over three days, on 17, 18 and 19 February 2020, in Johannesburg directly near OR Tambo International Airport, to make attendance as painless as possible for interested parties from elsewhere in South Africa and from abroad. The training will start punctually at 09h00 one each day, break for tea and lunch and finish by 16h00.

Each attendee will be presented with certificates, tools, and practical worksheets, before leaving. The total cost of the course will be R 5,000.00 per attendee while group discounts will be on offer. Please ensure that you do not miss out on this once-off opportunity. This specific course will not be repeated in the foreseeable future.

For more information or to reserve your seat or seats, please contact us via e-mail: