“I am a local ultra heavy duty driver who believes that the 9 hour rest between shifts is not sufficient as I do not get enough sleep as I have to travel to and from home, eat, bath, etc. which leaves me with about 4 hours of sleep. When driving long distance 9 hours rest was ok, as I only needed 2 hours of preparing & getting ready to work which gave me almost 7 hours of sleep due to me sleeping in the truck.

My company is set on its way due to the national bargaining council agreement (NBCRFLI)I was informed by my HR there is noting that can be done, I might be issued with a warning.

My argument is if I do not get sufficient sleep one of these days I might fall asleep whilst driving with terrible consequences. Is there any to rectify the rules so that many lives are not lost on the road. THANK YOU”

There is no way to change the rules apart from the set process of collective bargaining. The union representatives have agreed on the time-frames. They will not adjust this for a single driver (and if were a problem they would have raised this during negotiations).


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Technical & Operations Manager


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