The two suspects (aged 37 and 44), travelling in a truck which entered the border post intending to cross from Botswana to South Africa, were arrested after they attempted to drive away when they were instructed to stop at the inspection area.

“The truck had a load of 32 bags of Natural Steatite and the truck driver was instructed to stop at the ramp inspection area in order to conduct an inspection of the load but the driver drove away.

The truck was however located and driver was forced to drive back to the search point,” explained Col Moatshe Ngoepe.

The truck was searched and boxes of illicit creams and tablets were found concealed inside the bags and confiscated. The driver and his crew, were immediately arrested and the truck was impounded, Ngoepe added.

“Amoung the illicit creams were 64 512 tubes of betasol creams, 7 200 tubes of betasol lotion, 2 400 tubes of epiderm lotion, 5 200 containers of extra clear lotion and 92 000 tables of Apetito (appetite stimulants).”

The estimated value of the recovered creams is over R3 million.

The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Service in Limpopo Lieutenant General Nneke Jim Ledwaba has commended all members of the South African Police Service at the Groblesburg Port of Entry and other role players who were involved in this milestone achievement for the job well done.

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