Did you know that South Africa has the 10th largest road network in the World? Our road network covers a distance of 750,000km of which about 134.000km are tarred roads.

Truck drivers drive on these roads 24/7 and unfortunately, they are often under pressure of severe time schedules to deliver their cargo. Driver tiredness and driver fatigued are constant threats to all road users.

In the section “Truck Drivers and Bad Driving Habits” on the ArriveAlive website we also find the following reference:

Failure to Remain Alert and Vigilant

  • Drivers don’t seem to understand the reality of fatigue and the impact fatigue can have on their lives over the duration of their next few hours on the road.
  • Fatigue for many, mostly long-distance drivers is a lethal challenge.

This threat is very much evident in a video shared with the ArriveAlive website:

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