We shared this video with a defensive driver training specialist and asked for a few observations:

My observations are as follows:

The driver

  • He is not a defensive driver because his approach speed to the intersection is too high
  • Following distance not sufficient for speed or entering an intersection
  • He should have anticipated that the robot could change and that the vehicle ahead of him could stop and therefore should have prepared accordingly.

The truck

  • The condition of the truck is unknown ( brakes are suspect) The driver should compensate for any short-comings of the vehicle. Some interesting advanced driving skills were displayed though.

The light vehicle

This was also not a defensive driver. The driver should have checked the rearview mirror before stopping suddenly.

Both drivers were not concentrating on their driving.

Unsafe driving behaviour

Assumption – speeding up to beat the light (remember the most dangerous traffic light is a green light)

Not taking other hazards or road users into account

Not implementing SIPDE or any defensive driving techniques.

What are the most important aspects for truck drivers to remember about safety at intersections

A truck needs longer stopping distances and turning circles under normal circumstances. Always be aware that LMV drivers are unpredictable and may be more defensive than you.

A message to other truck drivers – Always expect the unexpected and your following distance is your ‘living space’, without sufficient following distance you have no chance of avoiding the unexpected.

I hope this will assist.

Kind Regards

NOSA Logistics