Barloworld Transport is showcasing the lesser seen – or documented – side of South Africa’s roads on Instagram in a novel collaboration with some of the country’s top Instagrammers.

The account, @barloworldtransport, is publishing images of the vast and varied landscapes drivers pass through while travelling across South Africa and beyond its borders. These are images seen through the eyes of their long-haul drivers and snapped by the Instagrammers.

Rosa McLaren, Barloworld Transport marketing manager, said the idea behind this initiative was, “to tell a story, through visuals as well as words” from the perspective of the people who spend much of their lives on the road.

Herewith some of the Beautiful Views:

[Featured image above via @tezzolds ]

[Credit to the following Instagrammers for the beautiful views they have shared: @boogsgaga; @hougaard_malan ; @marjolip ; @mrcalv @ramonmellet ; @tezzolds ]