Michelin, the world’s leading tyre technology leader, today announced the availability of the
MICHELIN X® MULTITM HD D in Southern Africa, an update to the immensely successful
MICHELIN XDE2+. This tyre, designed for long haul, regional trucking on urban roads is another
reflection of Michelin’s mission of sustainable mobility, bringing together technologies that raise
the bar on performance, longevity, safety and operations.
Speaking of this official launch, Gaganjot Singh, Michelin’s Regional Director: Southern Africa
said, “The MICHELIN X® MULTITM HD D is another exciting addition to the Southern African
catalogue. This tyre has gone through rigorous testing: 240 units drove over 60million kilometres
before being introduced to the market to ensure that it raises the bar from its very successful
predecessor, the XDE2+. From improved performance, to increased mileage and better durability,
the MICHELIN X® MULTITM HD D offers and ensures that the transport business gets great value
and better return on investment.”
THE MICHELIN X® MULTITM HD D is suitable for the drive axle for regional transport and offers
15% more mileage than its predecessor, which was already punching above the category’s
average. Compared to the industry average, its increased mileage totals 40% more than its
competitors. Its maximum load capacity is 4,000kg for single mounting and 3,750kg for dual
The tyre has 18% additional rubber, which increases retreadability by 10% from its predecessor,
making it a more economical solution for the discerning transport business. Endurance resistance
is improved with Powercoil – a new generation robust steel casing that speaks to Michelin’s
unrivaled innovative approach to tyre technology.
Its improved safety profile is the result of 7% wider tread width, providing better traction on both
dry and wet conditions. A 25%-wider steel protection ply provides additional puncture resistance,
ensuring safer loads. The added rubber also protects against stone drilling, and that coupled with
additional sidewall protection to better resist impact and shocks places the MICHELIN X®
MULTITM HD D in a league of its own.
The MICHELIN X® MULTITM HD D is equipped with RFID microchip technology which makes it
easy to manage and trace tyres along their lifespan, and to monitor stocks and performance.
Used with MICHELIN TIRECARE WeCheck & iCheck 2.0, transport businesses are able to
manage their own tyre stock seamlessly. The system tracks all movements, from cradle to grave,
using a unique identification number. Operational concerns such as theft, performance
monitoring, and retread notifications can be managed conveniently.
All in all, the MICHELIN X® MULTITM HD D promises great value and a great return on investment.
Bringing together the increased performance, the better safety profile, the superior quality and
the improved shelf life, the tyre promises a reduced CPK and reduction in downtime. It is available
at all leading tyre dealers countrywide and remains at the same price point as its predecessor.