Since COVID-19 began to create unease across the world in January, MasterDrive immediately began strategising ways and solutions to meet the inevitable health and safety requirements and ease the burden it would place on businesses. The result was innovations such as virtual training and now the freezing of charges on all training options provided by the company. The health and safety of clients is paramount along with the need to continue working.

Now as many more businesses are expected to resume operations from June, the next challenge is finding a way to ease the economic challenges the lockdown created for the country. The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “Now that we have developed a way to continue training within the new limitations, we have turned our attention to easing the economic strain on businesses. This will be by not implementing cost increases especially those associated with training outside of our training centres.

“Recent reductions in fuel prices assisted us in providing this to our clients. It is a small token that could result in significant cost-savings for many businesses going forward. Many departments will be under tremendous strain to reduce costs associated with providing their product or service. This is MasterDrive’s way of giving you a cost-reduction for your budget going forward.”

In comparison to many other parts of the world, South Africa has shown its strength and ability to overcome this unparalleled challenge. “MasterDrive is committed to being part of the solution and helping fellow businesses with this. Whether it’s through the free COVID-19 preparedness training or the provision of a compliancy toolkit, we attempt to walk in the shoes of our clients and make life and business easier.

“Freezing our training charges is a natural next step in this direction. We are dedicated to playing our role in ensuring the country moves forward and comes out stronger and better than before,” says Herbert.