MAN Truck & Bus are placing the new MAN TGE under static scrutiny as part of a van bodybuilders’ day today. Around 80 companies from Germany and neighbouring countries are being invited to a collaborative exchange of ideas which will help identify and generate future business areas and models.

The new MAN TGE comes supplied tailored perfectly to the needs of a wide range of user groups. However, its key feature remains how easily it can be customised for use in many specialised fields – whether for emergency vehicles with amber or blue lights, refrigerated vehicles or vehicles with totally different transportation roles. The bodybuilders’ day is first and foremost about converting existing structures to ensure a more goal-oriented and successful collaboration with end customers in the future. Roy Tietze, Head of Van Bodybuilders Management at MAN Truck & Bus says: “The development of the MAN TGE was very customer-focused. For MAN it made perfect sense to finish in the same vein and, together with selected bodybuilders, turn the TGE into a customised ‘Swiss Army knife’.”

The starting point for the design and conversion could not be more varied. There are two wheelbases, three roof heights and three vehicle lengths to choose from for the new MAN TGE. The classic panel van is available with normal, high or super high roof. The range is completed by chassis with single or crew cabs for a wide range of conversions. The latter is particularly suitable for installing refrigerated boxes. “MAN is renowned for working with our bodybuilders to find the best solution for the end customer – every time. For instance, quick and professional service is essential for our customers as they are involved in temperature-controlled transport and the cold chain cannot be broken. And as MAN also handles the servicing of our conversions – around the clock if the worst comes to the worst – the MAN TGE is certainly an attractive proposition for our customers,” says Joachim Kress, Managing Director of Kress Fahrzeugbau GmbH.

Bernd Mundhenk, Sales Director of Junge Fahrzeugbau GmbH says: “3.5-tonners are used every day in distribution transport for tightly timed repeat deliveries on the “last leg” to the customer as well as for scheduled deliveries. It is, therefore, imperative that the vehicle is serviced when the schedule permits, which is often outside office hours.”

The new MAN TGE is scheduled to go on sale in March next year. Production will start in April 2017, followed two months later by the market launch in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The new MAN will be available in other European countries in the autumn.