The bi-annual LLumar® Tint-Off competition brought together ten of South Africa’s most skilled automotive film fitters. The competition involved the application of LLumar® Safety Window Film to both the back and side window of a vehicle. Overall, the event was a success and demonstrated the contestants’ impressive skills and expertise.

William Setloma, from Rondebult in Gauteng, was crowned champion of the 2023 LLumar® Tint-Off, thanks to his exceptional precision and attention to detail. Setloma, a 13-year veteran of the film fitment industry, will now represent South Africa at the International Tint-Off in the USA in September and took home the grand prize of R7 500. Setloma expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to showcase his skills and represent his country on an international stage.

Emile Young and Anton Subhani were awarded second and third place respectively, demonstrating remarkable skills that impressed the judges. The competition was evaluated based on several criteria, including the quality of installation, completion time, and overall neatness.

The LLumar® Tint-Off competition highlights the brand’s commitment to empowering professionals in the industry through its world-class training academy, which ensures the highest level of expertise. “Competitions like these not only showcase the skills of professionals in the industry but also serve as an excellent platform to raise awareness about our products and their efficacy,” said a LLumar® spokesperson.

LLumar® offers a versatile range of automotive and architectural films. This range includes Smash and Grab Safety Film, available in a variety of tint shades and thickness options. This film not only provides protection from broken glass shards in the event of an accident or smash and grab incident, it also offers UV protection, glare reduction and enhances the aesthetic of a vehicle. Professionally installed, LLumar® window film is backed by one of the industry’s best warranties.

LLumar® also offers a range of Paint Protection Films which improve the performance of your automotive paint. In addition to its hydrophobic and self-healing properties, LLumar® Paint Protection Film is highly durable and resistant to scratching, scuffing, and other forms of wear and tear. All LLumar® Paint Protection Film products come standard with a manufacturer’s warranty, ranging from seven to 12 years depending on your preferred film.

LLumar®’s range of products are not limited to vehicles; the brand also offers solutions for residential and commercial properties. LLumar®’s Safety Film offers security enhancements for glass doors and windows, while the Decorative Window Film range adds style and privacy to glass surfaces in your home or office.

Due to its dedication to quality and innovation, LLumar® has become the brand of choice for both car and homeowners. Congratulations to William Setloma and all of the contestants who demonstrated their skills and expertise at the competition. We look forward to seeing Setloma represent South Africa at the 2023 International Tint-Off event and wish him the best of luck.

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