•    New MAN Euro 6-standard trucks now come with RIO-Box as standard equipment.
•    This means MANNew MAN vehicles

trucks are delivered to customers ex-works with the preliminary setup for RIO services fitted as standard.

The RIO Box is now included as standard equipment with all brand-new MAN Euro 6-standard truck series in Europe. In ensuring this, MAN is laying the foundations for a future infrastructure whose services can link up the entire transportation and logistics sector. Using the RIO cloud-based technology solution customers will soon be able to centrally access diverse fleet data and use a whole host of transportation and logistics sector services. Here, the RIO Box acts as an interface between vehicle and platform.

“Equipping our MAN trucks with the Box is an important first step that will bring us one step closer to our vision of a fully networked transportation and logistics supply chain. At the same time, it serves as a basis whereby customers can access digital added value services. In assuming this pioneering role in the sector we are actively shaping the logistics of the future in the interests of our customers.” says Joachim Drees, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus AG.

The RIO Box is compatible with all systems and manufacturers. It is designed specifically so it can be used in mixed fleets, thereby offering small and medium-sized logistics companies the chance to become part of Logistics 4.0. RIO Box retrofits for vehicles with an FMS interface will be possible in future too. Current users of the MAN Telematics system have the option of securely transferring their collected data to RIO.

“With RIO the customers of MAN will be among the digital frontrunners of the transportation and logistics sector. In future, we will use RIO to provide not just our own services, but also OEM services and partner services. We have big plans ahead!”, announces Markus Lipinsky, CEO of RIO. Current partners of the platform include, as well as leading service providers, start-ups LoadFox, Evertracker, and Synfioo. The number of prospective stakeholders is vast.
When developing the RIO Box, the highest standards were applied to privacy and data security. The customer can decide itself whether it wants to share data with RIO and benefit from the platform’s digital solutions. A security server certified under European standards and based in Germany transmits the data encrypted by the Box before making this available to the customer via the platform. This then enables additional functions which include the analysis of vehicle data, e.g. engine rotations, speed, fuel level or brake usage by the driver. The number of services offered on RIO will grow steadily in line with customer needs and existing services will be continually improved and automatically updated for the user.

About RIO:
From 2017 onwards, the Volkswagen Truck & Bus Group is set to offer an open cloud-based solution for the transportation sector as a whole in the form of its new digital brand RIO. RIO pools digital services for the entire transportation and logistics ecosystem. This means, for the first time, all supply chain players will be networked with one another via a standardized information and application system with forecast functions. In the recent past, transparent data usage within the transportation sector often hasn’t been possible because players within the sector tend to use diverse stand-alone software systems. For the first time, RIO is offering a shared solution and, as such, one which can be used irrespective of vehicle brand or telematics system. Existing stand-alone systems can be integrated on RIO.