The Arrive Alive website has received 2 videos of illegal and unsafe driving by a bus driver on the N1. This was shared by Theo Bekker on Facebook with the following description:

“I’m sure this is not the driving standard set by the South African National Defence Force. Endangering the lives of fellow South Africans. 27 April 2018 (13:30) Between Three Sisters and Beaufort-West.”

We decided to discuss these incidents with driver training specialists.

  • Why do we find this?
  1. Driver under pressure to fetch another load.
  2. Method of remuneration – drivers often get paid by load.
  3. This behaviour is mostly found with young or new drivers.
  4. Taxi driver mentality.
  5. No mutual respect – the cornerstone of Defensive Driving.
  6. A lack of or total absence of training.


  • What role should video materials, tracking technology and driver training play to prevent these hazards?
  1. Commuter drivers should be enrolled on selection – no clear guidelines/standards are available for this.
  2. Provide all commuter drivers with intensive training and Certification annually.
  3. Ensure video material like this is used in regular in-house training interventions.
  4. Ensure that all busses are fitted with excellent tracking devices.
  5. Available modern day methods of driver assist, if used at all, will prevent any driver from driving as shown.


  • What should be the next steps taken by the employer when receiving such video footage?
  1. Consider all relevant reasons why this driver is displaying such driving behaviour.
  2. Re-visit his recruitment process and correct any prior mistakes made.
  3. At all cost, ensure buses are fitted with good tracking.
  4. He should strive/aim to provide his commuters with well-trained drivers.
  5. Revive his pride in safe driving. Walk the walk and talk the talk.
  6. Take ownership and head to the call from National Government to stop the carnage on our roads.
[A word of appreciation to Kobus Hanekom as well as Hollard Highway Heroes for the assistance provided.]