At Hollard Trucking, we’re passionate about partnering with our customers to manage their risks, offer them added value and assist their drivers to be the best they can be.

We’re one of South Africa’s largest – and certainly most innovative – truck insurers. Our claims service is second to none, and we are proud to have many loyal and happy customers. We provide insurance solutions that comprehensively cover our customers’ fleets, including their drivers and the cargo they carry, and our risk management offering has no peer.

Because we’re driver-focused, we offer TETA-accredited training and assessment to truck drivers, so that they can be the best drivers they can be out on our roads.

Truck driving is a risky one, with treacherous roads, accidents and crime ever-present dangers. That’s why Hollard Trucking’s Risk Services Bureau monitors drivers and their vehicles 24/7/365. Should a driver be involved an accident, the bureau will dispatch assistance right away.

Drivers are covered for hospitalisation and loss of income, as well as death benefits for their family and employer.

Our round-the-clock accident and towing assistance means that damaged trucks and cargo will be recovered and stored by leading service providers. Any spillage at an accident scene will also be promptly cleaned up.

Our Risk Services Bureau also generates daily, weekly and monthly reports on how trucks are being driven, helping fleet owners to save money through lower fuel and maintenance costs.

We also reward drivers when they consistently drive well. With our Driver Rewards Card, available to drivers monitored by our Risk Services Bureau, truckers earn cash twice a month if they stick to the speed limit, don’t brake harshly and don’t drive for excessive hours without taking rest breaks.

In fact, truck drivers are our heroes – which is why we call our annual drivers’ competition “Hollard Highway Heroes”.

Thousands of truck drivers vie every year for the prestigious title of Hollard Highway Hero, and hundreds of thousands of rands in prizes. They don’t even need to be covered by Hollard Trucking; all they have to do is drive their trucks to the best of their ability.

Hollard’s business purpose, called Better Futures, prompts everyone at Hollard to create and secure better futures for more people. Hollard Highway Heroes does just that: it offers drivers the opportunity to provide for their families like never before – and also help make our roads safer for everyone.