Hollard Trucking – We care about road safety

Hollard Trucking is a specialist division of The Hollard Insurance Company Limited that offers comprehensive insurance for the transport sector. It is committed to improving road safety in South Africa through various initiatives.

Hollard Highway Heroes

Road fatalities are a crisis in South Africa. The Road Traffic Management Corporation’s 2021 State of Road Safety in South Africa report indicates that at least 10 611 fatal crashes were reported by end of the year 2021. This is an increase of 26,4% when compared to 2020 figures and 2% when compared to 2019 figures.

It’s time to act.

Hollard Highway Heroes was created to address this crisis – it is a transformative annual competition that highlights exceptional drivers who go above and beyond to not only deliver their cargo and passengers safely and on time, but also to drive responsibly, looking out for other road users and safeguarding their fleet owners. The competition is aimed at improving road safety and ensuring there are fewer accidents on our roads.

This year the competition is open to bus drivers for the first time (previously it was for truck drivers only) and to all fleet owners across the country regardless of whether they are insured with Hollard or not. This increases the competition’s impact on improving road safety by giving more drivers the chance to win big and motivating thousands more drivers to practise good, safe driving habits.

To date, we have paid out more than R1.4-million in cash and prizes to truck drivers.

The competition is life-changing for the drivers as well as road users, it promotes better futures for all.

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Hollard Highway Heroes