Goodyear South Africa is proud to announce the launch of its enterprise and supplier development initiative, Umthombo Development Programme. Umthombo which means fountain and signifies “the source from which something proceeds or is supplied” is part of Goodyear’s commitment to transformation through the development of Black entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Goodyear embarked on a transformation journey that entailed forming a project team who applied transformational strategies geared to increase procurement from Black owned enterprises. The Umthombo Development Programme is a component of Goodyear South Africa’s transformation strategy aimed at empowering and uplifting Black owned businesses to entrench its commitment towards a more inclusive supply chain in the long term for sustainable transformation. Through this programme, the selected individuals and companies are empowered with the tools they need to develop from small to medium businesses and to establish themselves in their respective markets and expand their networks.

“At Goodyear, we believe that transformation is a journey that is as constant as change and therefore business cannot sufficiently prepare us for the future. It is for this reason that we leverage and expand our enterprise and supplier development footprint into one consolidated programme, Umthombo. Umthombo is the source from which our beneficiaries draw inspiration, empowerment, development and success, to be viable, sustainable and flourishing businesses that will contribute meaningfully to the economy of the country,” explains Goodyear South Africa Group Managing Director, Darren Hayes-Powell.

Goodyear partnered with The Hope Factory for a two-year finance and business development programme, customised to Goodyear requirements with the aim of equipping Goodyear enterprise development beneficiaries with the required skills to conduct business with Goodyear once graduated to supplier status. Two beneficiaries benefited from this programme. The first beneficiary is Advnteknik, founded and owned by Daniel Maele, who provides engineering services to the plant. Maele is on his second year of the programme and is now integrating with the Goodyear Engineering department to fully understand Goodyear processes, learn the new machinery brought in with the R1 Billion investment and become one of Goodyear’s preferred service providers for plant maintenance.

The second beneficiary is Ayanda Mkhize, the managing director of Khanyamasi Projects. In her second year on the Umthombo Development Programme, Mkhize is providing logistics services to Goodyear, by transporting tyres on a set route, with the aim of expanding her business and reach to include Sub-Saharan Africa. Goodyear granted Mkhize financial support to buy her first 30-ton truck and paired her with Super Group, one of Goodyear’s major logistics suppliers. Super Group was instrumental in exposing new entrant, Ayanda Mkhize into the logistics business by means of mentorship, training and skills transfer. Furthermore, Mkhize will be one of a few African Females in a male dominated sector of transportation of tyres.

Khaya Engineering, owned by Andile Mtshwane received monetary support that helped him buy new machinery for his workshop that has helped him to reduce outsourcing some of his work due to lack of resources. He is now able to provide an end-to-end service to clients, at cost competitive prices, with improved turnaround times. As part of the Umthombo Development Programme, Mtshwane may realise his ambition of increasing the number of his workshops and even venture into the production of CNC cutting, bending and laser cutting.

Ntozonke Agencies, is another Goodyear supplier development beneficiary, who provides maintenance and refurbishment services, predominantly to manufacturing companies in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal area. They received monetary support from Goodyear that helped them buy a Sand blasting machine and accessories; 8 Ton Truck and hand tools. With the aim of becoming a preferred maintenance and refurbishment service provider in the entire Eastern Cape region, lack of resources has been a limitation to their expansion. Being part of the Umthombo Development Programme, Ntozonke Agencies will progressively realise their long-term goal of expanding nationally.

“Goodyear is committed to furthering the imperatives of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa, not as a compliance mandate, but rather as a business imperative that seeks to make meaningful contribution to our beneficiaries’ business growth and sustainability. Monetary contribution in isolation does not guarantee success of a business, it is against this backdrop that we partnered with The Hope Factory and Super Group to leverage on their expertise to ensure the beneficiaries’ success and also the longevity of Umthombo Development Programme. Working with great partners and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, fuels our innovative spirit and helps us provide our customers with high quality service and innovative products such as the recently announced Oxygene Concept Tyre, designed to support cleaner and more convenient urban mobility,” concluded Hayes – Powell.