Mi7 National Group’s Strategic Threat Response Unit members were dispatched after reports of a hijacking incident.
It is believed a driver delivering goods from a prominent online retailer was hijacked in the Grange area. The driver was shot during the incident and is recovering in hospital.

It is believed the assailants stole the vehicle and proceeded towards Imbali. Mi7 STRU members, along with other members of the security cluster, used the vehicle’s last known coordinates from its tracking device to locate it. It was found nearby to where the incident occurred, stripped of all the goods it was carrying. It is believed the suspects loaded these into another vehicle before escaping.

A short while later, STRU members responded to reports that a truck carrying furniture was hijacked in Imbali. Mi7
teams, along with their counterparts from other companies, again used coordinates supplied from the vehicle’s tracking company to find the vehicle.

They proceeded to the first location where the vehicle was shown to have stopped. There, they found the stolen goods. Then they went to the vehicle’s last known coordinates near Sobantu and recovered the truck abandoned.

The police are investigating both matters.

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