FUCHS Lubricants has introduced a new TITAN CARGO PRO 3977 SAE 5W-20 engine oil. As part of the introduction of the Euro VI-d emissions standard for commercial vehicles by law MAN has published the MAN M 3977 specification. The specification has been specially designed to lower the fuel consumption and reduce CO2- and exhaust emissions in new MAN Euro VI-d engines.

To realise the savings, the specification requires a low viscosity engine oil with a viscosity grade of SAE 0W-20 or 5W-20 as well as a lowered HTHS value. In addition, MAN specific field tests have to be completed. Engine oils according to MAN M 3977 offer an excellent oxidation stability as well as an improved foaming behaviour, ensuring full utilisation of the specified service intervals.

The MAN M 3977 specification can be used in selected MAN Euro VI-d engines and is not backwards compatible with older MAN specifications such as MAN M 3677.

Product Profile and Application

TITAN CARGO PRO 3977 SAE 5W-20 is an Ultra-High-Performance engine oil of the latest technology, which has been specially developed for use in MAN Euro VI-d commercial vehicle engines. In addition, TITAN CARGO PRO 3977 SAE 5W-20 meets the highest fuel economy requirements and achieves significant fuel savings. The low-ash additive technology provides excellent protection for modern exhaust after-treatment systems such as particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation systems and catalytic converters and promotes their reliable functioning over the entire lifetime.

Furthermore, TITAN CARGO PRO 3977 SAE 5W-20 offers excellent wear protection in comparison with other engine oils of higher viscosity grades.


▪ Approved according to MAN M 3977
▪ Specially developed for Euro VI-d commercial vehicle engines
▪ Excellent oxidation stability
▪ Improved foaming behaviour
▪ Reduced fuel consumption due to excellent fuel economy properties
▪ Improved protection of the exhaust aftertreatment system
▪ Ideally suited as special product for MAN commercial vehicles
Alternatively, an engine oil according to MAN M 3677, for instance TITAN CARGO PRO 3677 SAE 5W-30 or TITAN CARGO MAXX SAE 5W-30, can be used as service-fill engine oil.

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