FUCHS Lubricants, manufacturers and distributor of lubricants and greases for the engineering, industrial, mining, automotive, food and transport industries, has delivered Christmas food hampers valued at R275 000 to various orphanage and homes in Gauteng. Each food parcel weighs about 50kg, costs R1,069 and contains a range of over 20 products.

Recipient organisations included homes for children with mental disability, people with disability, orphanages, pensioners and families with no or minimal income. These included the Potters Place Educare Centre, Tumelo Home Ivory Park, Bakgethwa Orphan Centre, The Loved One’s of God and Kruinhof Cottages.

Paul Deppe, Managing Director of FUCHS Lubricants South Africa, said the company felt a strong need this year to cancel its annual Christmas event and end-of-year festivities and use those funds towards assisting people in need.

“We are honoured to be able to assist these organisations who do such good work in vulnerable communities, ranging from orphans to the disabled and pensioners,” he said.

Esther Seabi, Transformation Director at FUCHS Lubricants South Africa, said: “Reflecting on the hardships experienced by many during 2020, and how best to handle year-end festivities in light of Covid-19 restrictions, the management of FUCHS Lubricants South Africa decided to pay it forward.”

“The Covid-19 pandemic brought on devastating economic hardship to many. Although FUCHS Lubricants was also affected, it was to a lesser extent than most. Reflecting on this fortunate position, the management of FUCHS Lubricants decided to use the funds allocated for the annual year-end function to donate food hampers to families who had limited availability of food, enabling them to have food during the festive season.”

“This initiative was supported by staff, who not only expressed their support but also volunteered to assist in dropping off the food hampers. The beneficiaries were grateful for the gesture and our employees were also appreciative and proud to work for a such a generous company, they said, in what is a heart-warming opening to the festive season,” Ms Seabi explained.

A security company, Usizo Security, as well as one of FUCHS Lubricants’ transport service providers, Local Freight Services Transport (LFS), supported the initiative, providing their services free of charge, with Local Freight Services Transport even contributing financially to the project.

Each hamper contained Jungle Oats Original Instant Porridge 2kg, Full Cream Milk Pack 6 x 1L (long-life milk), Long Grain White Rice 5kg, Spaghetti Pasta 1kg, Apricot Jam 600g, Smooth Peanut Butter Jar 400g (plastic container), White Sugar 2.5kg, Pink & White Marshmallows 120g, Red Speckled Beans 500g, Pilchards In Tomato Sauce 400g, Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 410g, Maize Meal 10kg, Sunflower Oil 2L, Savoury Mince Flavoured Soya Mince 400g, Brown Onion Soup Packet Value Pack 200g, Strong Quality Loose Teabags 500g, Oros Original Naartjie Squash Concentrate 2L, Beef Flavour Stock Cubes 24 Pack, Choice Assorted Biscuits 800g.