FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA (Pty) Ltd has launched the FAW 6.130 FL medium truck, specifically configured for the local market and built right here on South African soil for southern and central African markets.

The new FAW 6.130 medium truck range follows in the footsteps of the popular and equally successful FAW 8.140 heavy truck range.

In fact, the FAW 6.130 is based on the popular FAW 8.140, albeit reconfigured with a 2.8-litre Cummins ISF engine, shortened chassis and 3.5-ton payload, and shares a number of components with it, including the cab.

The FAW 6.130 medium truck range is another excellent value-for-money offering from FAW South Africa, backed up by excellent parts availability. Many components are shared with the FAW 8.140 range and the newcomer also benefits from the same technical workshop knowledge.

Jianyu Hao, CEO of FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA, explains the rationale behind the introduction of the new, precision-designed, FAW 6.130 medium truck range.

“Our decision to introduce this truck was based on customer demand and market opportunity. Our market analysis confirmed the need for a vehicle as durable and rugged as our heavy and extra-heavy trucks but reconfigured with a smaller engine and reduced payload compared to the highly successful FAW 8.140 range.

A new player in the 4-ton market:

FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA took a strategic decision to reconfigure the FAW 8.140 range to cater to a new market while being perfectly suited to local medium truck demands.

The FAW team paid special attention to cost efficiency combined with the best possible payload and the best turnaround time, without forgetting FAW’s quality build standards for durability and reliability.

“The new FAW 6.130 FL carries all the hallmarks that FAW trucks are renowned for, namely strength, reliability, easy operation, and most importantly, delivering on the promise of a ‘truck built for Africa, in Africa’” Hao says.

Strength from top to bottom, built by South Africans

Imported from parent plants as SKD kits, the cab, chassis, axles and other sub-assembly components, together with the imported Cummins ISF engine, are all neatly assembled in FAW South Africa’s world-class Coega-based plant.

Since its opening in 2014, this plant has employed over 100 new employees, all of whom have been freshly trained and up-skilled for the FAW 6.130 FL production.

As demand for the new range and the existing heavy and extra-heavy FAW trucks increases, new job opportunities will be created. The total capacity of the plant is 5 000 units per annum.

The FAW 6.130 medium duty truck will be available from FAW dealers in a number of body derivatives – a drop-side, a tautliner option, a van body, a tipper and a rollback and a dry-freight insulated body. Customers may choose to buy the chassis cab and fit their own truck bodies to suit many other applications, up to a GCM of 10 tons.

Exceptionally strong chassis and well-appointed cab:

The parallel chassis frame and smooth top flange chassis construction has a distinct low-weight advantage, especially when mounting a steel sub-frame cargo body. The locally built chassis passes through a special paint station to enhance the chassis’ dust and dirt endurance and longevity – a unique South African addition.

The suspension is of the straight ladder-type with semi-elliptical leaf springs, together with front double acting shock absorbers. Semi-elliptical leaf springs are fitted at the rear.

The axles, graded for a permissible 2.5 ton in front and 4.5 ton at the back, provide ample carrying capacity.

The new FAW cab is a forward 45° tilt, cab-over engine design. It is based on ergonomic principles and provides easy servicing access. The digital instrumentation panel and all controls are placed well within reach of the average-sized South African driver. Materials used are durable and smooth, yet comfortable and sturdy. The 2-metre wide cab allows for a three-person-seat, with a foldable middle section. Radio and USB connection are standard fitments.

The FAW 6.130 FL is fitted with power steering for comfort and driveability.

The front windscreen, as well as slanted side windows, offers an exceptional scope of sight, while mirrors are neatly positioned and of ample size to provide a good view to the side and rear of the vehicle, all enhancing driveability and safety.

A drivetrain to match load and speed:

In a business environment where total cost of ownership is always top of mind, it has become imperative that the most cost-effective combination drivetrain be engineered to deliver the best levels of efficiency and durability.
Adding to its international pedigree the FAW 6.130 FL is fitted with the Euro 3 Cummins ISF 2.8-litre engine.

This high-pressure, common rail 4-cylinder in-line diesel engine is one of the latest from Cummins’ reputable engine range and is ideally suited to the medium-weight truck category.

This engine, fitted with a turbocharger, is water-cooled and intercooled. Benefits of this particular powerplant include exceptional performance, low operating costs, low weight, low noise and low emissions capabilities.

The 6-speed synchromesh manual transmission is a great match, taking full advantage of the Cummins powerhouse while adding easy driveability and full driver control.

Torque is a healthy 310 Nm between 1 600 and 2 700 r/min, while a solid output of 96 kW is on tap at 3 200 r/min. These performance levels make the new Cummins engine and transmission ideal for weight sensitive and space-constrained drivetrains.

Advanced thermal engineering has made the ISF engine capable of running at higher operating temperatures, reducing the size and cost of the vehicle’s cooling package. The modular architecture of the engine allows for easy access and single side servicing, reducing operating costs.

A waste-gated turbocharger provides excellent performance across the whole r/min range, as well as good response through higher low-end torque.

A truck suited to many applications:

The FAW 6.130 FL is an impressive truck offering a wide range of different applications, depending on the body configuration.
With the FAW drop-side body this exceptional workhorse can take the punch in general cargo on any metropolitan distribution hub. It promises to ‘thunder ahead of the pack’ with ample turnaround and speed times.
As a van-bodied vehicle the FAW 6.130 FL will provide a stable and safe conveyor of protected cargo, be it in express deliveries, general distribution or for dry weight cargo like bakeries.


Running as a tautliner unit the FAW has the manoeuvrability to work in tandem with any application handling palletised loads.

As a roll back this truck is ideal to pick up and carefully transport a passenger car to its destination.

When matched with a dry freight or an insulated body, the new FAW truck is a perfect fit for operators such as bakeries and other sensitive goods transportation.

This range has the scope and possibility of satisfying a broad range of customer needs.

Aftermarket service and warranty:

The FAW 6.130 FL enjoys a 2-year/unlimited kilometre warranty and the full extent of sales and/or service from 36 local representative outlets across South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana.

Other countries are also drawing on FAW in South Africa, some taking advantage of the better proximity presented through the SADC region and AU affiliation, such as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia.

The Spartan-based facility is a dedicated national parts distribution centre, supported by the branches in Durban and Cape Town, which act as hubs to support all FAW representatives and self-service operators.

Since the FAW 6.130 FL shares many components with the FAW 8.140 FL, parts availability is assured, and adequate stockholding is in place.

An impressive pedigree:

Building on their impressive number of milestones, the introduction of the FAW 6.130 FL in South Africa once again sets the bar ever-higher with respect to affordable, durable and market-suitable products from FAW.

Jianyu Hao explains: “One of the reasons for our success has been successful partnerships with so many other world class regions and organisations. We take our partnerships very seriously and we see our business relationship within Africa as one of the most important of these partnerships.

“Our fundamental vision for this region, using South Africa as a base, is ensuring that the FAW brand becomes a household name across the length and breadth of this great continent, and in so doing we hope to significantly contribute to job creation and the general stimulation of the local and African economies.

“The FAW 6.130 FL is a ‘true-blood South African’, built locally and uniquely engineered for the African environment.

“At a price of R245 000 (excluding VAT) for our new FAW 6.130 FL chassis cab is just what our customers need,” affirms Hao.

“With the launch of the FAW 6.130 FL, FAW has set the bar higher yet again. Following a growing number of ‘firsts’ FAW has literally ‘thrown down the gauntlet’, as we continue on our Africa journey to create a proud legacy for FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA,” concludes Hao.

FAW 6.130 FL Freight Carrier

Locally built, internationally engineered

Features and Benefits
● Priced from R245 000 (excluding VAT)
● 4.6-ton Body and Payload Allowance
● 7-ton Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)
● 10-ton Gross Combination Mass (GCM)
● Geared road speed of 100km/h as per SA Legislation

Engine and Transmission provides power where needed most
● Renowned Cummins ISF 2.8 litre, 4-cylinder diesel engine
● Euro 3 emissions pedigree
● Turbocharged and intercooled (96 kW / 310 Nm)
● Reliable 6-speed synchromesh manual transmission
● 110L Aluminium fuel tank

A Braking System aimed at Safety
● Hydraulic dual-circuit brakes
● ABS – Anti-lock Braking System

Cab designed for Driver and Passenger Comfort
● Forward-tilt day cab with aircon
● Seating for driver + 2 Passengers
● Power Steering
● Radio with USB

Chassis built with quality, keeping durability in mind
● Straight Ladder-Type Riveted Chassis
● No bolts on Chassis Flanges
● Semi-elliptical leaf springs at the rear
● 200mm Ground Clearance

Tyres and Rims keep the load on the road
● Dual tubeless, 16-inch Radial Tyres

Warranty in-line with the Best Aftermarket Service
● 2-year/unlimited kilometre warranty

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On behalf of FAW Vehicle Manufacturers SA