The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport: South Africa (CILTSA) is moving into an environment which will provide significant benefits to existing members and to others involved in this industry.

If Logistics and Transport is the lifeblood of the economy, then professional recognition is the lifeblood of anyone who works in this field. The professional designations (MILT, CMILT and FCILT) awarded by CILT International have for many years been regarded as the premier recognition of the individual from a global point of view.

Now, as a result of changes in legislation, it has become possible for CILTSA to register locally as the South African Logistics and Transport professional body with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Some of the benefits which will flow from this are:

  • It will now be possible for individuals, by following prescribed local development pathways, to obtain the CILT International designations when combined with the required experience, seniority and a competency assessment. The development pathways also include that of Recognition of Prior Learning for those who have acquired the requisite competencies and seniority but were unable to acquire the relevant qualifications. These pathways will be eligible for Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) grant funding and B-BBEE scorecard points for companies that sponsor appropriate population groups for the training required.
  • Supply Chain Management in particular and the Logistics and Transport aspects of it are in a rapidly accelerating state of flux. This requires that, in order to be continually adding value to their respective spheres of work, individuals need to be constantly sharpening their mental swords to stay on the leading edge of their profession.
  • An integral aspect of CILTSA’s registration as a South African professional body is that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) will be required for the individual to maintain their designation status. Whilst assisting each individual to remain marketable, it will also enhance the ability of companies and industry to enhance their competitiveness through the continual growth of the talent pool.

“South Africa has the most developed Transport and Logistics infrastructure on the continent,” comments Elvin Harris CMILT, CILTSA’s President. “We are however often let down by the fact that this infrastructure is not managed or maintained well. What I am saying is that whilst we have what is considered a world class set of assets, its value will continue to diminish if the human resources required to run it are either completely absent or lack the required competencies.”

“The registration by CILTSA as a South African professional body is a hugely positive step for us: in obtaining our registration we need to up our game by ensuring that the CILT International owned and recognised programmes offered by our accredited providers are of the highest standard.

CILTSA President Elvin Harris CMILT

“The CPD training programmes which we either offer or recognise must deliver genuine, practical value to our members. We will also need a slicker operation: one which continually improves the services we offer to our members, whilst adhering to the exacting standards which are demanded by SAQA.

“It will also improve public awareness of the national importance of the Logistics and Transport industry to the economy: it is currently one of the country’s best kept secrets.

“With these considerations in mind it is clear that this development is thus of strategic importance and it will irreversibly transform the way in which we are uplift our people both now and into the future.”

Those wanting to seek further advice on how they can participate in, and/or derive benefit from,  this exciting project are invited to contact either Charles Dey at, mobile 074 257 4933 or Catherine Larkin at, mobile 083 300 0331.

We will be communicating in this regard on a regular basis.


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