The Engen Diesel Club (EDC) is prioritising the needs of the trucking community this month by distributing hampers to long-haul drivers to maximize their comfort and safety whilst on the road.

Living the ethos of #Engencares, the EDC has prioritised driver safety and wellness for the trucking community for decades.

Over the past month, 4 200 products were distributed at 13 Engen Truckstops across South Africa, with packs including a cap, cooler box, insulated cup to keep food and beverages hot and a towel for refreshing.

“We opted for all weather practical products that are functional for added comfort and safety whilst on the road,” says Drikus Kotze, Engen Commercial’s General Manager.

It is one of several Engen projects that prioritises truck driver safety and wellness.

“Our annual Engen Driver Wellness programme is our flagship project that provides free voluntary health checks to truck drivers, which not only improves their health through increased awareness, but is also another way of keeping our roads safe,” adds Kotze.

According to Nigel Fox, owner of Gone South Truck Stop in Gqeberha the initiative was very successful.

“Given the long hours many truck drivers spend on the road and the stress associated with the job, these sorts of initiatives form a critical pillar of support for the trucking community,” comments Fox.

About the EDC
The EDC offers commercial customers and retail dealers a custom-designed complete fuel management solution in South Africa and Namibia, with other markets soon to come online.

EDC also offers a number of benefits, including credit terms for members, 24/7 operating hours when using the EDC card or the eFuel tag system, cashless payments with price benefits and cost-saving, and daily and monthly reports for effective management of fuel spend.

In addition to be able to reap the benefits of Engen’s strategic alliances, EDC customers are also privy to preferential pricing schemes, as well as an extensive nationwide network of service stations, including those of competitors.

“All retail dealers are welcome to join the EDC which is a voluntary club for those who would like to be part of the EDC network,” explains Kotze.

“Engen’s retail dealer members represent the EDC brand and fulfil diesel requirements for EDC card and eFuel tag customers.”