During the past Easter weekend, we had a horrific time for our truck drivers traveling along our main routes. During criminal unrest roads were blocked at Mooi River on the N3 and an estimated 23 trucks were burnt.

This was very thoroughly discussed by our friend Patrick O’Leary from Fleetwatch in an article titled “April 2018 – the worst month in SA’s trucking history”

There were similar incidents in other provinces and Fleet Managers were closely monitoring routes and times of travel to ensure the safety of trucks and cargo!

We could not help but consider the plights of our truck drivers working under immense pressure and deadlines even before these incidents. What has to go through their minds when they see the trucks of fellow drivers torched?

Our truck drivers are exposed to some horrific trauma in their daily operations. They see fatal road crashes far more than the average motorists do and the trauma are usually more horrific! In having to deal with violent protests and unrest and threats to their safety through blatant criminality adds a whole new layer of pressure!

We decided to approach some of the specialists in the fields of EMS and psychology and gain a better understanding of trauma and the need for trauma counselling. We also approached some driver training specialists to find more information on how fleet Manager can manage this health and safety risk.

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