Are you aware of the benefits of having dashboard cameras in your vehicle/ truck? There is perhaps nobody more aware than the fleet managers overseeing the thousands of trucks on our road. We would like to share an excellent example from a recent report of bad driving sent to the Arrive Alive website and the very professional response and communication received from the trucking company!

Example of Report Received:

“I would like to report the negligent and reckless driving of one of your vehicles that almost lead to a serious accident at approximately 06:57 on the N1 between Worcester and  Paarl this morning.

I was driving at approximately 80km/h on the R43 off-ramp that merges onto the N1 near Worcester. As I indicated to merge onto the N1, I looked in my side- and rear view mirrors and noticed a truck some distance away. As soon as I indicated that I intend to merge onto the N1,  the Time-link truck accelerated drastically up to the point where it nearly forced me off the road. When on the N1, I moved over to the left lane trying to pass the truck because my passengers and I felt threatened. As soon as I was next to the truck trying to overtake it, the driver threatened our safety even further by rapidly closing the gap between the left lane and the right lane. My passengers managed to take a few photos, but when the driver realised they were taking photos, he drastically slowed down to a ridiculously low speed.  

My colleagues, …………………and I have been using this road every day for nine years. We are vigilant drivers and very aware of road safety. What saddens me is that it looks like Time Link Cargo is really revolutionising  the transport industry, but the segment in your advertisements that says ‘Time is Money…’ should not be at the expense of other road users.

I reported the incident to the National Traffic Call Centre and also forwarded the photos taken by my passengers.

Kind Regards”

Response from Time Link Cargo

The response was swift and professional [within 16 minutes of the email sent to the Arrive Alive website and Time Link Cargo]. It also provided some invaluable insights into the process the company has in place to investigate such a report:

“Good Day …

I make reference to my telecom with Yourself this pm in regards to your incident which occurred with 1 of Our Vehicles this morning.

As mentioned I am the CEO of the Group and will ensure we fully investigate Our Drivers behaviour.

The following will Occur:

1.Live Camera footage will now be reviewed

2.The Footage will be viewed by 2 Managers whom will give a report

3.I will then view the footage and report on it.

4.We will then get a statement from the driver.

5.Should It be required we will contact Yourself and Your passengers for a statement.

5.Our HR will then schedule a hearing with an independent consultant whom will view the incident with all supporting facts and hand down a verdict.

We as Time Link Cargo pride Ourselves in the quality of fleet We operate and you can rest assured I will not tolerate any driver or employee whom wll bring Our Business in disrepute.

Our vehicles and drivers are to obey the rules of the road whilst being considerate to other road users.

We assure you that the above will be given full attention and you will be advised with the outcome


Time Link Cargo also made available the following dashboard camera recordings to the Arrive Alive website of this incident [Padon some of the language in the control room]:


The person who reported the video was invited to visit the company for a better view and discussion of the recorded materials and the following findings was made from the dashboard camera recordings:

“We have looked at the attached Video footage the remaining files I cannot send as they are too large I can whatsapp to you.

  • The driver proceeded on his lane N1
  • Vehicle approaching from left to join freeway
  • Truck speed did not change NO acceleration or deceleration
  • Truck continued on his path right of way
  • Vehicle joining proceeded
  • Thereafter Silver Vehicle indicates and comes onto left lane rather closely in front of truck.
  • Truck still proceeds.. No acceleration
  • Vehicle drives on N1 while the distance between the vehicles can be clearly seen.
  • 2 Other vehicles continue to pass and the road merges into 1

Should you wish to view the full download on site or for me to whats app to you I will gladly do so.

Please further note that from a neutral perspective the footage was sent through to Johan from Arrive Alive who viewed it as well.”

These recordings offer an excellent example of effective fleet management and using technology. Without a dashboard camera the driver would have had little to defend him from disciplinary action.

It is important to recognize that fleet managers welcome reports of bad driving as this will allow them to have better control over their vehicles, drivers, cargo and the safety of all road users!

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