With the second annual Highway Heroes driver campaign currently underway, Ctrack wishes to stress the importance of how this initiative can help change common misconceptions motorists may have about truck drivers’ behaviour on our roads.
The campaign, hosted by Regent Commercial Vehicle Insurance (RCV), aims to recognise and award those truck drivers that display the best driver behaviour in their day-to-day duties. For the competition, the top 27 finalists are measured over a 45-day telematics assessment obtained from a Ctrack telematics device installed in their trucks. The device measures elements such as maneouvering, speed and distances travelled to determine the best and most responsible drivers.

Through supporting the Highway Heroes campaign, Ctrack hopes to make motorists more tolerant of the heavy commercial vehicles that they share the roads with every day. In particular, it wants to change the perception that accidents involving trucks are almost always the fault of the truck driver.

It’s easy to make assumptions about the cause of truck driving accidents, says Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions. “A common belief is that the truck driver is almost always at fault due to the sheer size of the vehicle and load. What people often don’t understand, however, is that truck drivers are specially trained to handle the large vehicles they drive. They do their best to avoid accidents with regular vehicles.”

Many of these accidents, in fact, occur because drivers don’t know how to properly share the road with a truck. “Motorists should always be wary when they drive next to a truck. Bumps in the road, heavy winds, shifting cargo and other factors can all cause it to move into your lane unexpectedly. This can cause an accident that is not necessarily the truck driver’s fault,” Jordt says.

Advancements in vehicle tracking and fleet management technology enables fleet owners to have a tighter grip on how their drivers behave on the roads. Ctrack’s ABC’s (Acceleration, Braking, Cornering and Speed) and Driver Behaviour technology, for instance, allows risky driver and motoring behaviour to be monitored and improved. This can significantly reduce driver-related risk factors, and promote overall safer and responsible driving.

“Motorists should realise that, without managing risky driver behaviour, businesses expose themselves to major risks and unnecessary costs. It impacts an organisation’s fuel costs, tyre costs and other fleet operating costs directly. In addition, it also affects its corporate image and performance,” says Jordt.

Proactive initiatives such as the Highway Heroes campaign is a great way to focus fleet owners’ activities on influencing or changing risky driving behaviour. This way, they not only reduce the risk and cost of unsafe driving, but also improve the profitability of their organisation.

“This competition is not only a great way for fleet owners to honour their best truck drivers, but also to set an example for others in this industry to analyse their drivers’ behaviour and identify and reduce risky behaviours as far as this is possible,” concluded Jordt.
Winners of the campaign will be announced in November.


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Our head office and operations are based in Edenvale, Johannesburg, with sales and service offices located in Durban, Cape Town and PE. The value added benefits include driver training, vehicle monitoring and a consulted bureau service.Regent Commercial Vehicles (RCV) offers free TETA-accredited driver training to all our insured clients.

The benefits of driver training for our clients’ drivers are an improved claims experience and a saving in premiums and excesses. Our TETA-accredited driver trainers are highly experienced and their expert training has made a substantial impact on the risk profiles of clients who have utilised their services. Considering that the foreign driver excess is waived when drivers can prove their competency, and taking into account the imminent legislation for annual driver competency evaluations, our driver training is essential. Drivers are trained in the trucks that they drive and we request that the trucks are loaded with whatever goods you transport.