Crown Relocations South Africa is a leader in global mobility, providing relocation and moving services for individuals, families, and businesses worldwide. With a commitment to talent development and a passion for excellence, Crown Relocations South Africa is dedicated to helping individuals thrive in the relocations industry.

The dynamic and thriving relocations industry encompasses a vast array of career possibilities, from drivers with Code 14 licenses and skilled forklift operators to logistics and international business professionals. This sector provides a gateway to a promising global career landscape where individuals discover a wealth of diverse and exciting career paths. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities that exist:

• Drivers with Code 14 licences play an indispensable role in the logistics process and are core to this sector. Operating reticulated trucks, they ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods which really is at the heart of relocations. With the continuous movement of people and businesses, skilled drivers are in constant demand, offering a stable and rewarding career choice.
• Forklift drivers are highly skilled professionals responsible for managing the movement of goods within warehouses and during the loading and unloading of shipments. These individuals play a pivotal role in optimising operational efficiency, making their skills invaluable.
• Professionals in logistics and international business hold the key to unlocking the world of global trade. Those with diplomas or degrees in Logistics are equipped to navigate the complexities of moving freight worldwide. They manage supply chains, coordinate shipments, and facilitate the efficient flow of goods on a global scale.

Managing Director of Crown Relocations, Ian Pettey shares: “In order to thrive in the relocations industry, you will need a distinctive set of soft skills. Among these, sales and marketing skills hold a paramount role, given the industry’s significant interactions with corporate clients. The ability to cultivate robust relationships and grasp the specific needs of these clients is a fundamental element for achieving success.”

An inherent interest in logistics forms the bedrock of proficiency in this field. A comprehensive understanding of the logistics and supply chain processes is essential for sound decision-making and effective problem-solving, both of which are critical in the day-to-day operations of this industry.

Pettey continues: “A strong foundation or a genuine Interest in geography proves to be invaluable. This expertise aids in the planning of efficient transportation routes, ensuring timely deliveries. A well-rounded familiarity with global geography enhances the ability to navigate the intricacies of international relocations and logistics.”

Of course, people skills are indispensable. The relocations industry is inherently service-oriented, and the capability to interact adeptly with clients and colleagues, all while maintaining a customer-centric approach, is pivotal. This not only contributes to the provision of excellent service but also the cultivation of enduring relationships that are at the core of the industry’s success. Crown Relocations South Africa acknowledges the potential of the industry and aims to address two vital aspects:

Skills Drain: Many individuals leave the country without exploring the thriving opportunities within the relocations sector. Crown Relocations South Africa aims to educate job seekers about the exciting career prospects available in the industry.

Skills Development and Leadership Programs: Crown Relocations South Africa offers various learnership courses designed to help individuals develop the necessary skills for a successful career in the relocations industry. These courses encompass:

• Career Development: Customised programs to assist employees in managing their careers, acquiring new skills, and personal and professional growth.
• Mentoring: Fostering the transfer of knowledge and skills from experienced mentors to less experienced mentees, providing behavioural, health, motivational, and career benefits.
• Personal Development: Empowering individuals to take ownership of their personal development, continually assess their abilities, and employ techniques for self-improvement.
• Management Communication and Growth: Tailored programs to nurture effective management skills, ensuring that leaders within the industry are equipped for success.
• Managing Yourself to Success: Helping new team members and experienced professionals lay a strong foundation for their careers, covering topics such as managing performance, embracing change, building relationships, personal accountability, resilience, and self-development.

Crown Relocations South Africa is committed to creating opportunities for individuals to embark on a fulfilling career in the relocations industry. Once trained, they become a valuable skills commodity with global opportunities in abundance.