The son of a domestic worker, Inga Sityata grew up in small-town known as Mqanduli and later moved to Dutywa in the Eastern Cape.

He attended Mangqobe Junior Secondary School, residing with an uncle, before moving on to Nomaka Mbeki Technical Senior Secondary School from where he matriculated in 2013.

Inga credits both his mother and uncle for emphasizing the importance of education, despite having little formal education of their own.

“From an early age I grew up admiring educated, successful people, and I valued self-development and continuous improvement,” reflects Inga.

“Coming from a poor, rural area, I knew that education was the only way that I could change my circumstances.”

With three degrees from Cape Peninsula Technical University tucked firmly under his belt, Inga has certainly used the power of knowledge to change the course of his life.

Moving to Cape Town after matric despite not knowing anyone, Inga completed a National Diploma: Internal Auditing in 2016 and followed it up with a B-Tech: Internal auditing in 2017.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Inga recently graduated with a master’s degree.

Youth Month allows Engen to reflect on the ongoing assistance it provides gifted South Africans like Inga who is fast developing into a business leader of tomorrow via the company’s graduate development program.

It was whilst completing his MA in 2019 that Inga was accepted onto the Engen Graduate Development Programme.

This allowed him to gain valuable experience in various areas of the business at the company’s corporate headquarters in Cape Town, including in the Engen Enterprise Risk and Assurance division.

“My greatest challenge was balancing my time between work and studies, but I live by Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy, which states that ‘He who has a ‘why to live, can bear almost any how.”

Hence Inga’s advice to young South African’s this Youth Month…

“You need to understand what your end goal is,” he states emphatically.

“For me, coming from an underprivileged background, I knew that the odds were stacked against me, but I was determined to become the first matriculant in my family and the first university graduate to demonstrate to those after me what is possible.

“I wanted to help change my family situation and inspire others – because anything is possible when you know you’re why!“

Inga says he is concerned about the lack of quality education for South Africa’s youth.

“Education has saved me which is why I continue to give back and play my part by running winter school classes at my old school, Nomaka Mbeki in the Eastern Cape and I tutored throughout the university.”

He is also quick to credit his mentor on the Engen Graduate Development Programme.

“Engen Enterprise Risk Manager, Bea Ndlovu has played an important role in my career development by making sure that I am always challenged and ultimately succeed.”

Pausing for reflection, Inga says that in moments of stress or pressure, he always tries to pause and look back on all he has achieved despite his circumstances.

“I am grateful to Engen for believing in my capabilities and offering me a unique platform on the graduate development program to learn and gain experience.”

Continuing to attract and grow talented young minds like Inga Sityata, demonstrates Engen’s ongoing commitment to developing our countries, future experts, and leaders.

In 2020, the company invested R9.8 million in Learnerships and Bursaries. They also continue to provide supplementary Maths, Science and Technology tuition to approximately 1 800 under-privileged Grade 10-12 learners across South Africa through the Engen Maths and Science School program.

It is why Engen is passionate about progress and seeks to provide opportunities for talented young adults to explore new horizons, reach their goals, and shine.