We recently attended a very insightful Brake and Tyre Watch presented by Fleetwatch at the Gene Louw Traffic Centre in Brackenfell. During the first day Dr Paul Nordengen from CSIR made a presentation on RTMS [ Road Transport Management System]

This was focused not only on how RTMS can make roads safer but also offered some excellent practical insights from 2 case studies. Before we share snippets from the case studies, perhaps just a short overview on RTMS:

The Road Transport Management System

  • RTMS is an industry–led, governmentsupported, voluntary, self-regulation scheme that encourages consignees, consignors and road transport operators to implement a management systems standard with outcomes that contribute to preserving road infrastructure, improving road safety and increasing productivity.
  • Key focus areas are:

– load optimisation (minimise over- and under-loading)

– driver wellness

– vehicle maintenance

– productivity

View for more information:

Road Traffic Management System [RTMS] and Road Safety

Case Studies:

Two case studies were presented to illustrate the positive impact of RTMS on fleets of vehicles of the City of Cape Town as well as that of Dawn Logistics.  There were numerous efficiency improvements after the implementation of RTMS such as reduced fuel consumption, reduced carbon footprint, fuel savings and savings on vehicle maintenance.

Can RTMS benefit my truck insurance? What is important to consider as well is the reduction in traffic incidents, breakdowns and road crashes! A claims history / claims record is one of the key components in calculating risk and the truck insurance premium payable. It is clear that for both these fleet operators there has been a reduction in truck insurance claims and hence the ability to either reduce the insurance premiums payable or prevent escalating costs of truck insurance!

Cast Study 1: City of Cape Town





Case Study 2: Dawn Logistics



Also view for more information on these case studies:

Road Freight Issues in South Africa and the RTMS initiative