The construction and heavy engineering industries require reliable transport to successfully manage and complete their projects. As a construction manager, project manager or contractor finding the right truck, or trucks, is crucial to business efficiency. But choosing the right truck to suit your specific needs can be tricky. What’s more, many businesses within the heavy engineering sector require vehicles on site as well as long haul trucks to transport materials to remote sites.

Having a vehicle you can rely on is critical

You must do your homework before purchasing a truck. You need a vehicle that can handle all of your demands and work across the toughest terrains. Finding a truck with an excellent lifespan and a history of transport excellence is not the easiest thing to do. After all, most trucks and construction vehicles will claim to be the best in their field.

What you need to do is look for indicators that the vehicle you’re considering purchasing is of premium performance quality. Take into account the manufacturer’s history, the testing the vehicle has been put through and the awards the manufacturer or vehicle has won. Furthermore, you need to purchase a vehicle that you can easily maintain and quickly find parts for if need be. Any delay caused by a broken down vehicle creates downtime that will cost you in time and money.

One of the most popular truck manufacturers used by the heavy industries is DAF. This global powerhouse in the trucking industry is a leader for many different reason. DAF remains at the top of its game due to its use of state-of-the-art technology, its focus on creating reliable products and its commitment to affording your superior quality vehicles that ensure you maximum return on your investment. Now purchasing a truck from a major player like DAF could feel overwhelming but with local South Africa dealers such as Babcock, you can expect a quick and easy service delivery.

The local dealer of a global manufacturer will ensure that your vehicle can be repaired timeously, parts can be replaced and a specific vehicle can made-to-order and imported straight from the factory. You could ask for nothing more, as this will attend to your trucking needs with as little downtime involved as possible. When you choose a manufacturer and dealer of outstanding quality you can expect a smooth process from the decision-making to the keys being handed to you.

What about finance?

Financing a truck is much like financing a car, but more costly endeavour. Most dealers will smooth the way for purchasers by having already established financing options available. However, unlike a car, a truck not necessarily a depreciating asset. You will have to fork out an enormous amount of capital to purchase a truck or you can expect to pay hefty monthly installments but the vehicle is working for you. The truck is helping you make money as it’s directly tied to the business. Many big construction companies also hire their trucks out to make extra money on the vehicle. Ultimately, a good truck could pay for itself quicker than you might expect if you create the right opportunities.

What you need to know before you hand over your money

You need to be prepared before you go ahead and purchase your new truck. As with any new vehicle, you have to be sure of what you want and need. You can’t jump into a hefty purchase like this without having thought it through. Have a clear idea of what you’re going to do with the truck in terms of hauling materials and the type of distances you need to travel. What’s maximum weight you will ever need to carry? And you need to figure out weight placement on the body of the vehicle. If you’re carrying a tank of liquid where will the weight be concentrated in terms of how the vehicle is built? You should also calculate the approximate distance you expect the vehicle to travel per year as this will assist you to choose a petrol or diesel tank. A good idea is to create a purchasing guide for yourself with all the key points recorded so you can communicate this vital information to a salesperson.

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